The purpose of this site

This site revolves around the online gaming world of Anarchy Online - and is primarily meant to serve me, as an online diary and all round aid for my own gaming. A place where I will gather personal screenshots, stories, links and other bits and bobs that interest me. And if you find inspiration or enjoyment from what is found on the site... cool! :-) But I must warn you that viewing these shots may ruin the experience of discovering these places by yourself, so please bare this in mind.

Latest additions

  • Started playing: February 20th 2003
  • Site construction: February 22nd 2003
  • Newest update: December 26th 2003
  • Whompa map updated with Ferry routes

    Screenshots:    [1]   [2]  

  • [Nature Calls]
  • [The Rollerrat]
  • [Neleb's Robe]

  • Whompa Map

    Grid Map