The druidess awoke from her nap in Tir na m'Beo and her blood surged with an unexplainable restlessness. You know, one of those moods where you feel like doing something, anything, anything at all out of the ordinary, even though it may mean the risk of death? Well thats how she was feeling, so she bought a horse ride ticket to Druim Ligen from the stable master and gallopped off northwards.

She wanted to go explore the frontier lands, but knew she could not stay alive alone, thus would wait a while to see if any groups of her level need her. Once she arrived, there was no-one to be seen except a single gentleman, obviously waiting for someone. She decided she'd try to venture out alone then and went about summoning a pet and casting buffs on it as well as herself before leaving.

But the night was especially dark and she decided it'd be best to sit down for a moment to see if any groups arrive after all. As she waited alongside the gentleman, they struck up a conversation since there was nothing else to do, and it turned out that he and his guildmates were off to do some hunting to help out the youngsters. After he heard of the druidesses hunger for some adventure, he was polite enough to ask if she care join in.

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