T H E   C H A M P I O N

Rain pounded down mercilessly on the trio, as they battled an evil Siabra on a small island east of Ardagh. Even the young druidess joined in on the battle, despite her usually peaceful disposition. But this time, her healing powers had since long been depleted, so she did what she could, to aid in those last crucial moments before death chooses it's victim. The Siabra let out an eerie wail as the champion, brought down a final lethal blow.

The druidess and champion had been fighting Siabra's together most of the day, and it was not till now, that they had been joined by a young warrior dressed in green. During those hours together, they had gotten to know each other and the connection between them was strong, it was as if they had always known one another. Encounters one rarely experiences. He had even insisted that they had been together before in a previous life...

But how had they met in the first place? Quite by chance really. A few days earlier, the druidess had been trotting through the forest on a solitary hunting trip when she noticed a man slouched on the ground groaning in agony. He had been attacked by evil beasts of the forest and it was clear that he wouldn't last long without help. Druids are born healers, thus it was an automatic reaction on her part to heal him. Once he had gained his health, she flashed a shy smiles and continued on her way. Had she turned around, she'd have seen a very handsome man bowing to her politely. A man with a stern yet kind face, hair the color of honey and a moustache crowning his upper lip.

Little did she know that the gentleman had felt a strong connection to her that very instant, and had memorized her name to forever remember her by. It puzzled him really, since it was not uncommon for healers to assist strangers. He had himself been helped many a time before, in similar circumstances. But... there was just something about this pretty deer eyed druidess that moved him deep within.

And that is how they came to hunt together on this very day. He had decided to send a pidgeon to her, with a note enquiring if she would accept a brave champions protection for her hunting trips. She had not remembered the gentleman at the time, but happily accepted such a gracious offer, for she was quite weak alone and could well do with such help.

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