Having sat unnoticed for a long time behind the druidess, the lurikeen understood her to be in deep thought of something. Perhaps he could lend a friendly ear. He decided to initiate conversation by commenting on the view of Sabre Island since it was obvious that that is what she had been gazing at.

The druidess awoke from her trance to a friendly wrinkled face and eyes glowing a kind softness she had only seen... Yes, only seen in the eyes of her champion. She felt instant trust toward this little man, who expressed his curiousity as to why she had been staring at the island so long. The next few hours went by as the druidess told the elderly lurikeen her whole long and sad love story. He felt sympathy towards her, for he too had experienced heartache many a time in his life. He felt the urge to console the somber girl with words of hopefulness, that the champion may some day return to her. Normally he would have refrained from creating false hope in someone so forlorn, but this time he had a gut feeling and felt confident in his words.

The lurikeen and druidess said their farewells and as the little man trotted away, the smallest flicker of happiness could be seen stirring within the girls large teary eyes.

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