The sun had risen and fallen five times since she had read the heartbreaking words on the small note. But the sun had not risen once in her heart in that time. It was as cold and lifeless as stone, for she mourned the loss of having him in her life. She had lost interest in the things that brought her most joy, and so she spent her time doing what came automatically without much thought - smithing.

On that fifth day, she stood at the Tir na Nog forge as usual, practising her skills. She stared at her materials with hollow eyes, numbed by her thoughts, hardly noticing the hustle and bustle of the people around her. She then awoke to a feeling of being watched and looked around nervously, but the other craftsmen were caught up in their work and trades conversing joyfully. No-one caught her eye as acting oddly. She shrugged off the feeling and returned to her work.

It was then that she heard a voice in her head. She couldn't quite make out the words, but she was overcome with a strong urge to walk towards the mysterious murmuring. She stood up, dropping her smiths hammer with a large clang onto the cobblestone and leaving her pieces of leather and metal on the ground, much to the wonder of the smiths nearby.

She found herself drawn to the circle of druids, a familiar place, for it was where she visited her trainer often. But this time the atmosphere radiated a grand feeling of serenity. As she neared the center, she noticed a magical shape sitting in the middle of the crystal fountain. She knew immediately that this was the source of the voice beckoning her. As she approached the white haired elven form, she felt all her sorrow and grief being peeled away from her mind. This was surely what heaven felt like?

The elven spirit rose up to face her and now spoke softly, in a tongue that she could comprehend. He told her that her champion had taken his own life after sending off his goodbye note. The druidess did not need to question his words, for she had felt the aura of death in her heart. "But why?!" she sobbed. The elven spirit shook his head and said that he could not reveal the reasons, but that the act was out of love for her and that some day she would understand why it had to be so.

He also promised that their souls would be reborn together in a better life, where their love could thrive, and that this life had been premature for their union. The knowledege of this comforted her so, that she could not be sad anymore.

(See The Rangers)

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