It was one more of those drab days. The kind where nothing inspires, nothing feels quite right, and the unsatisfaction of dragging through the hours, gnaws away at ye. The druidess was smithing in Tir na Nog, something she did a lot since her love had vanished a few weeks ago. It was something that forced her to get out with the people, to work, but which allowed her to go over her melancholy thoughts in relative peace.

She got note from one of her friends, a blademaster, asking whether she'd care to go hunting. Mentally exhausted from her smithing, she happilly agreed and so the two agreed on Howth as their starting point. From there, they swam over the eastern river, and she showed him a secret band of evil rock like creatures which they hunted for a while. While resting, he asked her how she had been coping with her sorrow. She looked down sadly and admitted that things were not well. He knew the reason and not wanting to dwell on sad things, jumped up and suggested they'd travel farther east. She was eager for something new to take her mind off her woes and as they ran along the dew sprinkled hills, against the morning sun rising brightly in the blue skies, her mood elevated considerably.

As they ran, he remembered a special place far, far away. A place he knew, would lift her spirits. And being her friend, he was concerned for the druidess. He wanted to make this day, a bit better than it would have been. Without word or hint, he led her to that special place.

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