Galadriale: "there is a small party after this ceremony in Druim Ligen."
Chanlmee: "hurray! .... break out the spirits and let the celebration begin!"
* Mynn laughs at the moose *
Lensar: "Excuse me, Liliwyn my dear."
* Lensar turns and takes Elayna's hand with a smile. *
Talynne: "we need a dancing moose this night if someone will oblige"
* Elayna smiles *
Lexi: "Congratulations!!"
Kryler: "I well"
Sigode: "who marry who?"
Kryler: "Where do yea want the dancing moose eh!"
Deyo: "The strength of the land is the strength of Hibernia! Strength to Hibernia! Strength to Talynne! Strength to Kyleath!"
Elfling: "uhhhhhh whats going on?"
Viscious: "I'm no dancing moose, but i am a dancing elf!!"
Laurindorel: "Aa' menle nauva calen ar' ta hwesta e' ale'quenle. May thy paths be green and the breeze on thy back!"
* Lensar hears Manjotelivar and reaches for his reaver, which he has fortunately left at home for the wedding. *
Galadriale: "Party at Druim Ligen!"
Talynne: "are you looking at the right one Manjotelivar?"
Liliwyn: "Aa' lasser en lle coia orn n' omenta gurtha! "
Tessuraea: "To Druim Ligen, then!"
Elayna: "the Reception is in the frontier!"
Tessuraea: "I'll bring the wine!"
Alors: "allow me to be the second, milady"
Galadriale: "TO DRUIM LIGEN!"
* Elayna laughs at ARvo! *
Lensar: "Nin Nayth Aedalena Noro Melethron!"
* Alors bows and kisses Talynnes soft pale hand *
Kyleath: "The party will continue in MIDGARD!"
* Lurien embraces Mynn *
* Viscious embraces the bride and groom warmly, hugging them both in his arms *
* Galadriale shakes Kyleath's hands *
* Lensar glances over at Liliwyn to check on his pronounciation *
Galadriale: "congrats, nicely done"
* Elayna wonders where thi sliliwyn is? *
* Mynn slips her cloak on as she is quite chilly *
* Galadriale shakes Talynne's hand, and kisses her on the cheeks *
Viscious: "That was wonderful!!"
Galadriale: "congrats, talynne, nicely done"
Medi: "happy lives to you all"
* Viscious shakes Kyleath's large hand *
Mynn: "Will you be coming to Druim Ligen with me?"
Cathai: "Krysta, Isli, ye heading out to the frontier?"
* Viscious kisses Talynne upon the forehead *
Malkis: "I'll go anywhere with you"
* Mynn blushes *
* Malkis smiles at Mynn *
Kilena: "weddin i think"
Vlaht: "Wedding Brenn"
Mynn: "Your words are too kind Lord Malkis"
Kyleath: "Thank ye friends! * bows * "
* Lensar nods at something Elayna whispers to him and folds his hands, waiting patiently. *
Talynne: "thank you all, please do not forget the troll roast we are about to go on"
Mynn: "come then"
Carsius: "a gift sire"
Viscious: "Troll roast, ah yes"
Vlaht: "Congrats you two"
* Chanlmee shaking Kyleaths hand and patting his should ... stretching to do so ... Chanlmee wishes his friend a bright future *
Kyleath: "thank ye Carsius!"
Mynn: "one moment"
Lurien: "I mist depart my lady Mynn"
* Eliath extends his hand to Kyleath *
Carsius: "for the wife"
* Mynn embraces Talynne *
Heaven: "A gift from the Hands of Fate on your special day"
Eliath: "Congratulations Lord Kyleath."
* Elayna has returned from her brief journey *
Vlaht: "Are you off to Drum Lei Faolyn?"
Lensar: "Elayna, have you met my dear friend Liliwyn?"
Mynn: "Thank you for coming Lurien"
Elayna: "I have in brief, m'lord"
Liliwyn: "it is my pleasure, Elayna"
* Mynn nods her head *
Mynn: "Hail Eliath"
* Cathai wonders where Gilrondaar went off to *
Viscious: "Everyone! dance!!"
Eliath: "Greetins M'Lady"
Iaega: "mlady Shamara, Eloi seeks ye"
* Chanlmee looks into Talynnes eyes and whipers a prayer of good fortune as he congratulates her *
* Elayna wonders if mayhap they are related...theiir faces are so similar *
Laurindorel: "Good hunting to you, Anam. I'm going to study and listen in. "
* Laurindorel smiles *
* Lensar rubs his beard as he glances between his two friends. *
Siofra: "Slan Laurindorel!"
Liliwyn: "I remember your presence last night at the meeting of guilds"
Elayna: "Aye was too brief, I fear, but I had duties elsewhere"
Liliwyn: "I am very glad to see you here at this happy event too"
Coronus: "Congrats you two"
* Elayna replaces her helm for she feels ill at ease with no armour on *
Liliwyn: "Will you both be attending the reception?"
Talynne: "will all please join us in a raid of MIDGUARD NOW?"
Elayna: "Aye tis good to see ye here. A wonderul ceremony"
* Kyleath blushes and says: "Thank ye!" *
Faolyn: "yess!!!"
* Lensar frowns and attempts to remove Elayna's helm. *
Elayna: "Aye, "
* Elayna giggles and allows him to do so *
Lensar: "Just for the reception dear."
* Lensar grins. *

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