T H E   R A N G E R S   -   C h a p t e r   I

Twas a cold starry night, when a blood curdling scream echoed against the Silvermine mountains which sheltered the small hutted village of Howth. That scream would be the last sound to leave the womans mouth, for death took her as she pushed the baby girl and a fatal amount of blood out of her dying womb. The newborn let out only a small whimper as it entered into the rough hands of the town doctor, as if to honor her mothers deathly fate.

Having lost her mother, and having no knowledge of a father or relatives, the girl grew up an orphan amongst the townfolk of Howth, learning the ways of life by mimicing others, as she matured. She enjoyed the independance of her life, for no-one bothered much worrying after her, which allowed the girl freedom to explore the surrounding areas on her own. Meanwhile, the other children had to assist their parents and were strictly commanded to stay within the town walls. The girl felt as one with nature though and felt no fear as she scampered through the thick pine forests. Once in a while she would encounter small aggressive beasts, but they were quickly dealt with, at the blow of a fist or swift kick.

One day, as she was strolling through her usual route that led along the gorge deviding the mountains, she heard an excited chatter. She recognized the voices to be evil lurikeens, much smaller beings than herself, which she had no problem dealing with. She hurried her step towards the noise and saw a man sprawled across the grass. The lurikeens were picking and ripping at the mans clothing and belongings, snickering as some teased him with twigs and what not. The girl rushed towards the scene hollering at the miniature humanoids, which sent them scattering in all directions.

He was young and sturdily built, with a thick mop of dark hair, probably in his early twenties, if even that. She could not help but admire him a bit as she knelt down to check his condition.

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