U L T R A S O U N D   P I C T U R E S

While pregnant with my 1st baby, Lassi, I looked forward to getting at least one ultrasound picture of him to keep. Pregnant friends showed off their pictures, and I wondered what mine would be like.

But alas! When it was my turn, they had just changed the rules - no more free pics for the parents to keep since the maker of the ultrasound machine wasn't sponsoring it anymore! Aaargh I was *so* disappointed!

So the next time I got pregnant, (I'd learned a lesson) I was going to do anything to get pictures of my second baby. Esa the daddy, borrowed the digital camera from work and came along to photograph the ultrasound machines screen as the procedure was being done. Not only did I get one pic but dozens of them! I warmly recommend this method to everyone. Just remember to make sure the flash is off.

All pics have a portion copied and drawn over with a white line to make out the features of the baby more clearly.

10th week into pregnancy

19th week into pregnancy