Why was it done? Next

During my 3rd year of studying media art at the Tampere School of Art and Communications we had an installation course. The idea was to break us free from our computers and teach us to make art in a totally different way than we were accustomed to. We had 5 weeks to create an installation and successfully show it somewhere. It would be quite a challenge for most of us. It certainly was for me.

Well ok I'd heard of installations, but I found trouble understanding what one was substantially. The days went by and I was desperate to get a grasp of what "installation" actually meant. How did it differ from a sculpture? Then our teacher showed us some slides of famous installations and I finally started to understand. While watching the slides, my baby wiggled around in my tummy and I thought to myself: "Now thats a REAL work of art - an unborn baby". Images of my tummy displayed in golden frames started to develop and by the time our class was over I was eager to tell my teacher about my idea.