How was it done? Next

Ok so now I was sure what to do, but now I needed to figure out how and where?

Was it really possible to stand against a flat surface and have my belly protrude enough? Should the box be behind some sort of barrier so that people could be kept at a safe distance? What if some looney came up and did something awful to my belly? What if I wasn't able to stand in there for such a long time? What material should it be constructed of? It needed to be something sturdy, yet light enough to load onto a truck. Where would I get fancy golden frames for free?

Another problem in itself, where would I be allowed to display such a strange and shocking work?

Have a look at the plans I drew and see the solutions I came up with. Esa my partner and the father of the baby, helped me build the box, and when I say we, I mean Esa and I.