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One of the requirements of the installation course was succeed in finding a place to present it and acquire the necessary permissions to do so. I knew right off where I wanted to do this: in the lobby of the Tampere's main public library.

The library's lobby would be perfect for this work. It is the center of everything like a big round dome with a high ceiling, bordered with stairs and there is always a lot of traffic. It is also a rather dark part of the building and has lots of spotlights aimed at plants and such. My work would certainly draw a lot of attention.

Equipped with my drawing and a lot of nerve, I went to see the lady who arranges exhibits at the library and told her all about what I would like to do. She took it all very positively and seemed quite intrigued by the idea. It was all fine as far as she was concerned but warned that she must ask the big boss first. A week later I got an email saying that I couldn't do my work there after all, that it was too bold. I was crushed!