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The civil service bureau was next. But the exact same thing happened there as well, the exhibit lady loved the idea, but the big boss didn't. AAARGGHHH!!!

Time was running out and I was becoming desperate. Esa and I had already built most of the black box and it would be a shame if this idea and our work went to waste. Was my idea too outrageous? Perhaps there was no place that would take my work at all!

At school I came accoss the scenery art teacher Vesa Toukomaa while I was measuring the box for transportation. He asked me what it was, and I showed him my drawing and explained the whole thing to him - including my problems to find a place to show it. He then got an idea. He had heard that the Sara Hildén Art Museum was going to be opening an art exhibition involving children in a couple of weeks, and thought that my work would fit in perfectly.