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At once Vesa went about making some phone calls and after a few hours I was waddling (remember I was 8 mths pregnant) my way to the museum, heart pounding away, all nervous since this seemed to be my last hope. As I walked, I concentrated on gathering up all my charm, confidence and persuaveness - by the time I'd be through with them - they'd have no choice but to take my work! :-D

When I arrived at the museum, the big boss had just left! As I explained my idea to the assistants, I thought to myself: "Oh oh - here we go again - they'll like it, but the big boss won't". Yes the assistant ladies did like it, and I guess they had authority as well, since they decided to take it! I was stunned, and it took me a while to understand what I was hearing - they were actually accepting me (just some student) and my work into their exhibition!!! I was so happy and relieved and flattered. The best part was when I was asked the name of my work. Gee just like a real artist! "An artists double life" was my answer.