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The art exhibition I'd be in was called "My Picture Your Picture" and would be opening in a couple of weeks. Part of it would be daycare childrens and part Tampere Artists' Association members self portraits. My work fitted in perfectly! Not only was it my self portrait, but the portrait of my unborn child as well. I was so thrilled as we went to pick out a suitable place for my tummy box. As I looked at the works of the "real artists" and saw many familiar names I felt like an intruder crashing a party. My big black tummy box would steal the show, especially since the assistant wanted it to be put PLONK! straight in the middle of the room. It was inevitable that it would dominate the room with it's strong black color and massive size. I felt kinda guilty.

Last but not least, I needed to loan a doppler from the prenatal clinic, so that people could listen to the baby's actual heartbeats live. When I went for my prenatal check up, we tried to see if the babies heartbeat could even be heard in a standing up position and they couldn't. So I had to settle on recording baby's heartbeat to play during the performance.