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HELSINGIN SANOMAT 16.12.1997                SUOMEKSI
"I don't want to be famous", a girl speaks her mind from amongst the pre-schoolers. Theres a risk of becoming so though, since the Sara Hildenin art museum has collected 700 of Tampere's childrens portraits into one exhibition. I can't distinguish the brisk little girl from the crowd, since there are lots of young artsits present.
   "A portrait is a work of art, which represents a person whom we know by name. The model is more important than the artist", explains the director of the museum Timo Vuorikoski. "The idea is to portray a person whom we respect and honor".
   "A portrait is quite oftena painting, drawing or sculpture. It can also be a collage, arrangement, photograph or video work", Vuorikoski continues and the little artists listen in awe.
   Many pre-school has settled onmaking silhouettes. Some have made faces from mass and many have drawn their subjects. Many portraits have are photographs. The Ahjola children have made costumes.
   Noora made Jennin into a fox, and Jenni thinks of Nooran as a bear. Janne saw Oula as a vampyre, Saara saw Sannin as a flower and Sanni Saara as a grasshopper.
   The grasshopper picture is similar to the self portrait of artist Ossi Somma; it also has a yellow background and a flower. Somma's work can be found in the very first room of the museum, amongst the portraits of the Tampere Artsist Association members.
   Many professionla artists have portrayed themselves quite humorously. One is a good family man daddy, while another is living on grants.