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AAMULEHTI 16.12.1997                            SUOMEKSI

No! You're kidding me. How is it possible? We listen to squelching, pumping sounds coming from the pouch like figure. It protrudes from a large black box and moves a bit.

The children and I stare in disbelief - and soon realize whats going on. We fall into a respectful silence.

Before us is a genuine stomach and something moves inside: "It's a baby", says a little bright eye."It can't be, how do you know?" asks another. "I'm sure not gonna touch it". But soon dozens of little hands reach out towards the belly. Everyone wants to feel if it's for real, if it is truly living skin. It is, it is!

Andrea Fryer has named her work An artists double life. She is an expecting mother, inside of her the first known finn to have their portrait displayed at such an early stage. Though hidden still.
This is one of the wonders you can find at this exhibition, the theme being "Self portrait". You can find the belly at the Sara Hilden art museum at the "My picture, your picture" exhibition in Tampere.