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Finally I could hear the director of the museum, Timo Vuorikoski beckon everyone to the main room. I could hear the voices echo throughout the museum as he held an opening speech about what portraits are and about the exhibition itself.

Next was Helinš Hukkataipale's performance for the children - I couldn't see a thing but it sounded fun since the kids were laughing. After it was over, Vuorokoski asked everyone to follow him. This was the cue for Esa to turn on the cassette player with the fetal heartbeats.

As the guests poured in, the children trotted around, restlessly giggling. Obviously excited about having their works of art in a big museum like this. But once they saw my bulging tummy and heard the frantic pounding of the baby's heart, they quieted down. The young artists gathered around in awe, puzzled and intrigued, while the adults stood from a distance, clearly enjoying the whole scene.