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What a challenge it was! To have to stand still, exposing the most vulnerable part of my body to complete strangers. Besides, you never know what one of those pre-schoolers might come up with! For weeks I had been thinking over all of the different situations and possibilities involving the viewers, and how I would react if someone did something weird to me. Wild thoughts of little 3 year olds teaming up to push the box over arose, as did awful visions of insane killers charging with knives. I know, I know - too many american movies.

The moment was finally at hand. The hot lights blazed on the black box, the fetal heartbeats pounded in my ears and my arms were getting weary (already!) from tensing up to keep me in place. I could see the people talking and see their delighted expressions, but I couldn't hear a word they were saying since the cassette was playing loudly.

Then I felt something lightly touch my belly.