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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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Screenshots and Stories

Saphireena's Waterfall Boat

Click here to learn more about Saphireena round the time Trammel was introduced, ships could be placed upon a certain small waterfall river in the Western region of Britannia. It was rumored that if you managed to place your boat there, you could mine right off the mountainside and safe from any predetors or passers by. How handy was that! Especially considering that the boat could also store your mining supplies.

Saphireena managed to not only place one boat in Felucca, but a second in Trammel when it opened up. It didn't come easy though and required months of checking back to see if the previous boat owners had bailed out of the spot.

Eventually she shifted her focus on other things though, and sold both boats for a hefty price on UO Auction.

From what I understand, placing a boat here these days is impossible.

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