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Date: 12 Jan 2002

Hiyas Saph,
Nice to see that you doing well. Was my self wondering to get DaoC too =) If you remember Sophia Iceblood or the Digger... Thats me...Well have fun! - Sophia Iceblood of Europa

*waves to Sophia*
Hiya, Of course I remember - how could I forget! :-) Hope you enjoy DaoC, I know I did :-)

Big Mama

Date: 17 Feb 2002

Wonderful night club, but infortunately when I visited it was closed :(

- Anonymous

Aye I am afraid so. I can't be very inspired to reopen the nightclub until the castles can be modified with the architect tool, due to the griefing that was much due to the courtyard problem. :-(

Big Mama

Date: 23 Feb 2002

Hi! Congrats for your nice work. I am an old player of UO and after 4 years now I just bought my first castle. I play on Drachenfels and come from Belgium. I ask if you accept to make a general store on the two servers! I know you first one is Europa, but perhaps it's the right occasion to open a new Big Mamas shop here. I accept your name and other wishes from you. I want to honor your reputation here! I have all gm you'll need here and you can create some chars to work sometimes with me here, but its just a proposition. If we can talk about that im very happy.

- Thorgal

Well Thorgal, I am very flattered by your proposition, but for me, Big Mamas has always been a very personal project, shared at times with the other Big Mama: Lina. I can see you have a grand idea there, but I'll have to decline your gracious offer, sorry! It would just feel too strange :-) I hope you understand. You seem to have merchant blood in ye, so I am sure you will be able to build up a incredible chain of stores in your very own name some day! Good luck to ye!

Big Mama

Date: 2 Mar 2002

Hi! You have nice castles!

- Anonymous

Thanks :-)

Big Mama

Date: 15 Mar 2002

Just came across your shop on Stratics. Looking for ideas and browsing the homes . . W O W ! ! Great job on the decor. I was very impressed !!

- Caelan of Baha

Thank ye, it's quite funny to hear comments like these still even today, when decoration has taken huge leaps forward from the times that I used to play. I am sure there are tons of new and exciting ideas out there that win my decorations any old time by now :-)

Big Mama

Date: 2 April 2002

What a great site! Just makes you want to read it... I spend more then hour reading through all stories, looking at screenshots. Amazing job ! Congratulations. Great imagination and passion for the game. And I just looove the portraits. Great job. I wish to ask you to make mine one day, but looks like you are very busy for now *smiles*

Lady Zireael,
Forest Elf from Catskills

Hail to thee Lady Zireal! Awwwwww thankyou :))) Aye I haven't been making portraits for some time, been busy with DaoC heh :) Thanks again for the nice comments, I'm glad you enjoyed the site and stories - it's nice to hear that someone reads them :))

Big Mama

Date: 10 April 2002

Your web page is sweet! I just started UO and I'm already like way into it, so this web page rules!

- Psycho Mantis

Thankye Psycho, and may I wish ye many glorious playing moments with this great game!

Big Mama

Date: 27 April 2002

Awesome character art work. *tips her hat to you* How would one get in contact with you about having one ordered?

- Ashlynn

Thank ye Ashlynn :-) Well at the moment I still have a massive amount of people waiting in line for their own portraits, so I shall not be accepting any more orders until those ones are done. When the time comes, I will indeed let everyone know though :-)

Big Mama

Date: 7 May 2002

Still haven't quite figuered out what happens here, but looks good!

- Anonymous

*grins* Aye I can imagine that it is hard to make a clear picture of what purpose this website really serves. Let's say that it's a collection of my personal UO experiences and services all rolled into one. It's an "Andrea" UO website. Not a general all purpose site for the public. Hope that helps. *waves*

Big Mama

Date: 9 May 2002

Your website is awesome! The character pictures you have drawn are absolutely incredible! What talent you have! Thanks for a real enjoyable visit.

Bluheart of Arirang

Thank ye kindly *smiles*

Big Mama

Date: 21 June 2002

Hey cool site and I just have a question for you. I just got my game and I started a thief and want to know a good way to level up stealing. It says I have to steal from barrels and chests. Should I put one on the ground and steal from it? We can talk more about it. Just email me k? Seeya peace out rock on and keep goin!


Hey there Andrew,
Sorry but I am not the UO helpdesk. *grins* How about you try the UO Powegamers site? Hope you can find some good hints there!

Big Mama


Date: 5 September 2002

All I've seen on your pages is very impressing and great. Even though I don't play on Europa or know the habits there, these pages are stunning.


Thankye Sic` :-)

Big Mama

Date: 26 Sep 2002

My name is Adam, I just stumbled upon this site really while looking for something else, but was taken by the structure and information. So I just had to stay, read most of it, and bookmark it, LoL. I must say, very, very, very nice work. Especially with the portraits, nice idea and very well made. Keep up the good work!!!

- Adam

Thanks a lot Adam! Glad you found it so useful! *smiles warmly*

Big Mama

Date: 3 October 2002

Hey, I used to play Europa a long time ago. My name was No SkiLL and Riku You've got some nice pics there. And the bio pics are looking cool.

No SkiLL/Riku

Hiya :) I don't remember seeing your chars, but judging from your other chars name, you are probably finnish? Cool :) Thanks for the nice comments mate!

Big Mama

Date: 25 October 2002

Really nice, well made pages, especially liked the introduction of your chars (High Priestess, what a wonderful idea :)). Keep up the good work!

Mustakaapu of Europa

Tervehdys Black Cape :)
Thanks! Aye High Priestess was a nice idea but for some reason I never got very attached to her and thus did not play her very far. Too bad.

Big Mama

Date: 2 November 2002

Hello, I love your UO web site! Great job. Love your wedding pictures too. Did you go to school to do that web site? I think I would like to do something like that. What kind of web site service do you use? And how much does it cost? I was also wondering how you took pictures of your houses from that distance? I know how to take screen shots but i dont know how to zoom out like that???

Butterfly in Love

Hi Butterfly
Thanks! I learned webdesign over the web from some really simple basic HTML tutorials, then looked into more and more complicated stuff as I went along. These days I don't have a webpage service anymore, sorry. I only make my own projects now. Maybe you can try some of the tutorials yourself. I'm sure you could figure it out if I did, it's really quite easy! The "zoomed out" screenshots are simply many many small screenshots glued together in Photoshop. :-) Good luck!

Big Mama

Date: 19 November 2002

What Shard do you play on??


Hey there PeeWee, I play mainly on Europa, but do actually have characters on the main North American shards. They are characters who used to be real estate agents back in the days when houses used to collapse.

Big Mama

Date: 23 November 2002

Hey, I had to finally write to you, as I just love your site. It has been fun reading about your characters and different adventures. And the layout looks really nice, too. *smiles*

*stays to admire the portraits after finishing the message*

Shalenna Iceshar
Knight of Saint John

Greetings Shalenna :-) What an incredible feeling to hear that people actually read those stories and enjoy doing so. Makes me really happy that I wrote them! I'm glad you enjoyed the portraits as well! *smiles*

Big Mama

Date: 2 December 2002

I don't play on Europa, I am a skint free shard player, but the site is very cool. The content is great, and it seems like you have had great fun. Just a quick plug for the shard i play on. It is a bit empty compared to europa, but i find it much more fun and easygoing.

P.S. Lovely web and well done. :)


Hi Manga :) I had a look at the Valhalla site. There were some really cool screenshots, especially the one of the wedding. Beee-uuutiful decorations! Have fun, any shard you play on :)

Big Mama

Date: 5 December 2002

Hi,I must say your website is very nice and well organised. I liked your graphics especially, the character portraits you had did are indeed amazing. Wow... I was wondering how you did those portraits. hehe. Lots of hard work put in. ;P I am amazed.


Hi Keigo, Thanks a lot :) Aye the portraits were quite a bit of work. Pixel by pixel drawing in Photoshop. Thats why I never accepted larger sized requests and only stuck to such tiny pictures. *grins*

Big Mama

Date: 28 December 2002

Great site love the portraits.I would Love to get mine done :)


Hi Vixin :-) Thanks! Sorry but I am not taking orders at the moment. <:-)

Big Mama

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