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E V E N T S   O F   A U G U S T   2 0 0 1

D J   B E L L A   P L A Y S   I N D I E

  • Report in English by customer, Zeromus
  • Report in Finnish by customer, Zeromus
  • Report by bouncer, DarthVego
  • DJ Bella's Playlist for the evening

    Report by Zeromus

    Here is a report made by one of our customers, Zeromus. While things were happening, he wrote his report in real time, thus it is very objective and describes well the events as they happened from his perspective. I have been given permission to nest his report from his webpage, Zeromus' UO Toons

    Diary of my visit to Big Mamas Nightclub

    Report from: Big Mamas Nightclub
    Date: 25th of August, 2001
    Written by: Zeromus
    Special occasion?: The second time the place was open
    Homepage: Yes -
    Staffed: Open every saturday from 3pm EST - 7pm EST (8pm-12pm GMT)
    Location: The old Big Mamas Shoppe castle in Trinsic / 76o, 33S, 38o, 40E (Trammel)
    Entrance fee: 100 gold
    Drinks: Yes, 50 gold each

    Big Mamas Night club is a castle decorated as a night club. It is most likely the only one of it's kind in the world of UO and definately the best. The report from this event is arranged as a diary with clock times ranging from 21:45 to 2:00 which happened in Finnish time, which is +2 GMT.

    21:45 - I wake up on the stairs of a house near the nightclub. Obviously I partied a bit too long yesterday. Luckily I can sense that the only nightclub on Europa will open it's doors soon and I ride 20 meters to the castle, where some people are already waiting for tonight's party.
    I try to get in immediately, but the bouncer "DarthVego" doesn't allow this and orders me back outside the castle. He also tells me that pets aren't allowed. I back up and hide my transparent pet inside my backpack.

    22:00 - I'm third in the line, but everyone's trying to get in at once and "Maleena" at the ticket office kicks people back outside. However, he also boots me along with the others and I return to the line.

    22:10 - I get a book which also works as a ticket. It holds all kind of uncovering information about the club and that there'll be a lottery at 23:00 GMT. I would've liked to see the bar's prices with this though. I fianlly get inside, actually I was the second one from the whole pack. The bouncer welcomes me, this must be because of my appearance which I improved by removing my deer mask, which had already seen many battles. I was wearing a full studded leather suit and a blue cloak, a blue kilt and a blue sash.
    I naturally hit the bar first and buy some cider. I however get to the bar after someone named "Narim" and I have to wait. I buy some cider from the bartender named "Rob Cravenstorm". Later on I buy some ale.

    The room with a dancefloor and the first bar

    Rob Cravenstorm, bartender

    22:45 - The first six drinks get me drunk. The atmosphere is still looking for itself, somehow the music doesn't really sound good when the german Rammstein is playing. There is still no DJ, so a set is obviously playing. The set has been clearly burned on a scratched CD, because the sound breaks up every once in a while, I however blame this on my 56k ears.
    The cashier is located in the bottom left corner of my sight and since I've played a bit of Diablo 2 lately, it awfully reminds a nearly empty lifeorb made with a bunch of red books. I keep hitting 1-2-3-4 to use some potions, but I of course have none. I still have to wonder how this will work as the time passes. At the moment there are about 15 people inside and I'm already having some trouble following conversations. What will happen when there are more people inside? By the way, there is seating for only 18 people in the first room, because the bar and the dancefloor take quite a bit of space. There is some space in the upper floor, but there is no one there at the moment, so we'll see whether someone'll move there or not ...

    22:55 - My first trip to the toilet. Some guy named "Stocky" stopped me and asked about his friend "atmeidos" or something. Never heard of him! I noticed that there were some people on the upper floor unlike what I had thought. It was pretty hard getting to the toilet, but I think I took the long way there. The toilet was well decorated, but something that disturbed me greatly was the fact that the only thing covering the wc from the line of people waiting to enter the club was a potted plant. I could hear the music well in to the toilet, so I didn't miss a single note.


    23:00 - I returned to the dancing room, where DJ Bella had arrived to play some tracks and yelled things banned on MTV like "HASH PIPE!" from Weezer's song. The dancers on the dancefloor were very stiff and could only do 3-4 different dance moves. When Bella played Radioheadin's Creep, she yelled some of her own propaganda like ... "And now one of the best songs ever!".
    Two people, Kalith (Lord) and Tris de'Muerte were discussing in finnish, from which I came to the conclusion that they were from Finland. I was about to join in on the conversation, but they were discussing animal taming, so I decided not to.

    DJ Bella

    11:12 - Pulp's Disco 2000 was being played, so I joined the slaves of music on the dancefloor. The dancing was still very plain, so I tried to cheer up the people by casting a summon spell and yelling "woo" and "Put your hands up!" at the same time to hide the words of power. I discovered that this doesn't necessarily work as well as one might hope.

    23:23 - Tris ja Kalith are talking about the decoration of the club. Tris openly praises the DJ's table and the owner of the castle with words like "Saphireena has always been a genius in decoration!" Their discussion makes me sleepy and I walk to the bar to buy some more drinks.

    23:26 - The forementioned Stocky is making a riot on the dancefloor with a glacial staff, calling it "boogie stick". People leave the dancefloor. A guy named DunCan casts a poison field and admires the lighting effects. He gets "a last warning" from the bartender.

    Stocky and a glacial staff

    23:31 - The night finally arrives suddenly. The lighting on the dancefloor now looks really nice. It's however hard to find anyone to talk to when three people are talking french with each other and all the others are either dancing on the dancefloor or getting drunk in the bar upstairs. I have to say that I hope that I had been here last week.

    23:40 - I have obviously drunk too much, because I suddenly notice that my gloves are missing. I can't find them anywhere, but at least my magical bracelet is now exposed and I can get some chicks!
    Bella is complaining about being thirsty behind the DJ's table and I offer him a bottle of ale. She thanks me with a big smile. She'll of course be tied up as the DJ for the whole night, so that naturally won't lead to anything. I sit back down to a table near the bar, but then I suddenly lose consciousness and I wake up 28 seconds later outside the castle. No panic, I have the ticket, which should get me back in. I'm obviously getting really drunk, because I keep passing out when trying to re-enter the castle. I however don't blame this on the staff in my mind, the blame goes to the evil force called Saunalahti (local AOL, if you may).

    0:02 - I finally get back in and show my ticket at the cashier and I notice that my gloves were on my hands the whole time. I get back in and get in to a conversation with the bartender, but he leaves me alone again after I offer him a drink.

    0:04 - Kyry Oinas summons two poison fields on the dancefloor. Bella however is up to this challenge as a DJ and gets everyone on the dancefloor with the added lighting. I join them.

    0:08 - I have a conversation of a couple of sentences with Tris, but then Kalith wakes up and I end up being alone again. A guy named Saruman with plenty of imagination is falling down on the dancefloor, using the 3d client. It's dawn now, unfortunately a part of the atmosphere also disappears with it.

    0:25 - Tris and Kalith leave the castle together. I drink just as much as I can, which is a lot. I'm getting heavily intoxicated and I can't meditate any longer after using some of my magical powers to look cool. Of course this never works.

    1:10 - Nothing worth mentioning happens before the lottery. The winner of the lottery gets a fully-paid cruise for two to some exotic place in Britannia, a trasure hunt and a romantic dinner. Finding the winner is however hard. The owners of the three first numbers have obviously left before the lottery. Finallly, on the fourth try, a winner is found. A grandmaster fisherman named "Zzu" wins. Bella's set has begun again from top and we're listening to the same songs for the second time.
    Some people who have been banned from the castle are doing something outside the castle. I don't expect much more people to the club...also, the people inside the castle have been leaving, since lottery, the peak of the night, has passed. I decided to stay for a while longer.

    The lottery

    2:00 - The staff is beginning to head to dreamworld. The clients may "party until dawn" if they wish. However, the atmosphere has dropped grealy, even though it's night-time again. I take a look around. There's a movie theater, a guest book room and a food room, all amazingly decorated. I naturally didn't see the Ladies' room, I'll probably have to ask my sister to check it out next week.
    There are only around ten people left, even though everyone gets in for free during the last hour (11pm-12pm GMT). During the last hour I talk a lot and dance a lot, so this whole thing leaves a good taste in my mouth.

    Don't forget to advertise

    I'll be back next week, this is well worth the 100 gold you have to pay to enter. By the way, the drinks cost 50 gold/each, which brought my overall expenses to around 1000 gold. I had a hard time finding company, but I'm hoping that I'll have better luck next week. This whole thing seems to be pretty nice, for example, being a DJ seems really cool and worth experiencing. The time also fits my weekly schedule well ...

    Some conversation

    And finally some more pictures...

    Here is a report made by our bouncer/doorman/guard DarthVego. I wanted to avoid fixing the grammar and am posting it as written, because I think it adds to the charm of this particular staff members personality and suits him well.

    Report by DarthVego

    I arrived at 7:30ish,30mins before the night started,to arrange the security and wot not, as soon as i got in i did detect hidden and X was sitting hidden nxt to the door probably trying to get in and after that all night he stayed with me and maleena at the enterance along with Narim,i think they both loved maleena,hehe.Also while this was going on i saw a couple of ppl trying to sneak in,Rastalin,Cindy,and Kyry who were all from the guild SYS

    they all claimed to have paid or got dis connected while entering, and also another reason for them not entering is that the boss doesnt like them, so we tried to ban them but with castles like hers, its very hard as it only works for the front door, anyway the night continued and sowly the castle was filled with people all dancing and wot not, and these 3 were protesting outside although you can not hear them when the door are shut in,

    i went outside to stop them complaining about things and they just swore at me in fiinsh and english and woteva, and also whenever a horse went wild, they killed it immediately, which is very sad as this is a roleplaying guild, i called a gm for harrassment as they were continually annoying us for about 2hrs

    , ppl came out complaining that there horses wernt there and one guy who was new to the game did thretan to kil them wiv his vanq but i dont think he knew alot about the game as they laughed at him alot, they gave up after i said that evidence had been given against them, about there so called protest or woteva, so they decided to gate people from brit bank inside the castle,

    of course we had 2 remove them for not paying, we removed one guy and he called a gm which i think is quite harsh but he was a new player to the game as he had no title, so i placed a box where the gate spot was to stop them gating thru. at 1 point in the evening a guy was compling about lanterns going on and off which kinda anoyed me 2 but his speaker blew up!!! bcoz of it,

    so i went 2 find the culprit but it stoped,hehe,in the end the night went good as the lottery was drawn several times, due to no winners, hehe even tho most ppl cud fake the ticket they didnt, and then i left after a good nite.

    DJ Bella's Playlist