Bachelors Auction: Feersum Endjinn

One of the finest bachelors around, Feersum, is auctioned off and bid
for by Saphireena. Many bids come from many people, and a few guys as well.
Thus Saphireena patiently explains that Feersum is straight.

At the end, Saphireena and another lady have a tight bidding contest going
on over Feersum, and eventually Saphireena wins him for 41 000 gold pieces!!

In the bachelor line up, new men try to join in the line, and it is
explained to them that you had to sign up before the opening.

Questionnaire Results by Feersum Endjinn:

1) Who was the lady that bought you?
Twas a great lady named Saph

2) For what amount did she buy you?
41 000 gp

3) Did your winning lady dump you or keep you for the night, or for a date in the near future?
Had date in near future

4) For those that have already been with their ladies, were you payed?
Yep - although didnt want it hehe

5) For those that have already been with their ladies, did you have a nice time, and did it spark possible future meetings as well?
I enjoyed the conversation mucho, a nice lady indeed and interesting too.

6) To make future auctions better, how could they be better organised?
Keep as you did them already, and make it clear you will only auction those on the list as its hard work for you.