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There is part of me that loves collecting rares of all kinds...











M U S I ' S   R A R E   C O L L E C T I O N

   C o n t a i n e r s

This is a showcase of my personal rare collection and is not meant to be a complete list of rares. This is a handy way to show my rares for trading purposes, as well as keeping track of the items myself. If you play on Europa and would like to sell or trade something with me, send me some mail.
Pic Description Blessed? Musi's comments Where did Musi get it?
"a barrel"
The Orc camp barrels have loot in them, and the city barrels can be lifted with the water technique
These spawn in Orc camps and now they are found all over Britannia
"a barrel"
Can be taken from Dungeon Deceit on level 1 and 2, also at Vesper docks if you sail the tip of your ship under the dock
"an unfinished barrel recovered from a shipwreck"
These cannot be made into finished barrels
Can be fished up from the sea with a MIB
"a basket"
If you eat the fruit of a fruitbasket, this is what is left. Can be used as a container
There is a fruitbasket at the hedgemaze that cannot be taken. But! the fruit can be eaten after which the basket can be taken.

These can be used as containers, even secure
Found in Dungeon Covetous Level 3
"a metal box"
These are actually strongboxes that have been lifted off the ground using a bug in the past. It is rumoured that these boxes also spawned at one time as well.
Musi got some from a friend who used the bug to make them
"a bucket"
These are very tricky to get. You must use a water pitcher to first fill/empty them, then empty/fill them again. This is usually easy to do with the barrels and tubs, but these buckets seem to be harder.
Are laying about on a farmhouse in the hedge maze
"a bushel"
These are like fruitbaskets with handles, and open up as a basket container as well
For a short while, they could be taken by sailing under the docks of Magincia. Now the docks have been boarded up.
"a metal chest recoverd from a shipwreck"
Be careful about using these as secure containers, at one time there wasa bug where the stuff inside disappeared
Fished up from MIBs
"Champagne Flute"
You can pour liquids into these then drink out of them
A valentines day gift from an unknown year, Musi got them as a present
Also known as St. Patricks day mugs. You can pour liquids into these then drink out of them
All I know is that they could be acquired during St. Patricks day some year
"full jars"
The accessablity of these jars varies per shard. On some shards they are covered by an oven and cannot be taken without use of illegal programs, on some shards like Europa, only half of the oven is in sight, revealing the jars underneath.
Under the oven inside the Councellors Guild Hall of Occlo.
"a mug"
These mugs can be filled and drank from
Previously spawned monthly, now must be bought from another rares collector. Musi payed 400K for hers.
"a ceramic mug"
Looks exactly the same as "a mug" but has a different title
Previously spawned monthly, now must be bought from another rares collector. Musi payed 400K for hers.
"Happy 300th Anniversary!" pouch
This contained a medal, crystal ball, fireworks wand
A "300th anniversary of Mondains defeat" gift in 1999
"Happy Valentines Day!" pouch
These probably contained something nice, perhaps champagne and champagne flutes?
Valentines gift, don't know what year, Musi got them as a present from someone else
"an empty tub"
These can be filled with water as well as emptied and you need to do so to "lift" one off the spawn site
They spawn all over the place, the stables are especially worth checking
...and a part of me loves robbing you clean :-)


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