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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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Moya Faith

One day Moya asked her friend Saphireena to design her an outfit. And since Saphireena had just recently been inspired by Lord Vulcanos outfit, she decided to try something similar for this valiant warrioress since Moya also had red hair by nature.

Lord Vulcano

The contrast of the dark blueish black shadow armour and the blood red accessories looks absolutely breathtaking in this outift. The considerably dark skin adds to the affect well. To top it all off, flaming red hair that reveal that this is no ordinary man.

Oona Moonstone

The simple yet elegant colors caress the eye and create a fresh clean image. The whiteness of the shirt is brought out well, matched with the moss green skirt, hat and gloves. Note the special sash Oona is wearing, it says "Master of Words" and Oona won this in a quest. The amber runebook adds the final touch to this gorgeuous outfit.

Sir Daggoth

What caught my eye was the combination of these 3 basic colors: kidney colored skin, shadow colored clothing and pitch black accessories. Simple as it may be, the pitch black sash is an important part of completing the look. It stands out beautifully against the kidney colored chest.


Her title was "The Rude Zell" and indeed it suited her personality from what I followed at the Britain Bank. And yet, while viewing her closer I couldn't help but be enchanted by her sympathetic outfit. This woman was no tart! She had deeper thoughts within those silver braids. Seldomly does one see a girl dressed in a robe, and actually look nice. But Zell had succeeded in making a wonderful combination of grey and black. The silver braids topped it all off.


This is presumably an evil mages "shadow" robe which together with the black apron and sandals, creates an aura of mystery and wisdom. The darkness of the outift works well with the dark skin and the gold necklace plays an important role in keeping the outift interesting.

Miss Kikopro B.

The enchanting aspect of this outfit is the use of garments that are particularly detailed. These together with the detailed hair style of braids make up a lovely contrast against the simple black skirt. Also the tone of Miss Kikopras skin goes really well with the top. and hair.

Sjors de Sjimie

Prestige was the word that came to mind when I met this gentleman in the murky Fire Dungeon. I really loved the use of the dark sea blue which is seldomly seen. It matched very nicely with the burgundy red and the pure white long hair made the whole outfit stand out. It almost looks like a bright light is being cast from above.

Lady Blossom

I noticed her at Brit bank, her long black velvet dress flowing down across her mares flanks, and her snow white hair glowing as it crowned her pretty face. The contrast of black velvet and shiny white hair, was what enchanted me with this look.


Everything is a deep warm chestnut in this outfit. Skin, hair and clothes. It looks wonderful like this and the pure black sandals and bandana top it all off.

Last 10 outfits

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