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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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Lady Hailey Noelle

What a fragile feminine outfit! Although the pieces of clothing are humble - a simple skirt and full apron, the choice in using the baby blue really makes it look elegant and valuable.

Davey Jones

When I saw this gentleman at the bank, he stood out as his dull copper armour shone in the sun. As I looked closer at him, I thought "What a dignified and important looking man this is!". Although a full plate armour set is easy to put together, what I like is the choice in metal hue, as well as the beard and skin tone. Very nice.

Sha-Dar Quenya

She shimmered like a blue diamond, as I passed her by. And a closer look revealed a beautiful dark skinned maiden wearing a wonderful figure hugging outfit, put together with much thought to detail. I especially liked the contrast of the dark skin and shimmery blue hair. The gold jewelry topped it all off nicely.


If you want to look evil, this is the way to go! Pitch black and blood red. What I like most, is the choice of that particular shade of red. Mmmm! Special care has been taken to dye the red pieces with a special dye tub, so that the contrasts stay intact. Very handsome!


Boys, watch out for this lady - try any funny stuff and she'll have you for dinner! What I like about this outfit is the feeling of authority. The short cropped hair, the tanned skin, the aggressive choice in clothes, especially the spikes coming from the shorts and the undyed thigh boots. The outfit is hard and masculine, and yet at the same time beautiful and feminine. The candle really makes a wonderful and original last touch.

Willy Tough

This renowned GM tailor from the olden days (he doesn't play anymore) has chosen a lovely ensemble using spruce green. The choice to cover the ranger armour tunic with the surcoat (or is that a cloth tunic) on top, was a daring and admirable one, for who would want to hide ranger armour? This shows how the value of the tunic was not of concern, but making use of it's beady helm, which juts out from underneath the cloth piece on top. Nice choice!

Jenna Hane

It seems that good taste runs in the Hane family, for Sam's sister Jenna dresses in a wonderful way as well. I like the choice in colors in the outfit, and the fact that although the outfit is about as manly as you can get, Jenna makes it look girlish and feminine.


It was punk rock night at Big Mamas Nightclub when I spotted this lad, so the mohawk is not necessarily his usual hairstyle. *grins* Anyhow, the thing I loved about this was the use of brown, and to add to that, such a WONDERFUL warm shade of brown Mmmm. I admired that he used the same color throughout, even carrying a runebook to match. Very nice.

Dark Lady Elin

Passing through Delucia, my eye caught a glowing figure. She looked like a wisp in the figure of a beautiful woman. She sat, gracefully upon her black mare, lilac cloak flowing luxuriously along her taut tanned legs. What I admired most was the choice in color, which suited her skin tone exaclty. She also had a matching runebook. The outfit thought out to the very last detail. Lovely!


What a manly man! What I like about this outfit is the daring choice in such earthy colors: mustard and wine red. And yet they work well together. The whole image does, including the hair and skin color. This is about as realistic as you are going to get for a male UO character.

Last 10 outfits

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