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V A L F R E Y A   O F   E U R O P A

Val was my first customer and we had a lengthy discussion about what Valfreyja looks and acts like, I wanted to get it just right.

Valfreya: "I am soo happy with my picture of Valfreyja. Saphireena took a lot of care to find out who Valfreyja is. And she is just perfect *smiles happily* Thank you so much Saphireena. You have made a dream I have had for over a year come true."

Character Description:
  • Somber
  • Distant
  • Kind and good hearted
  • Mysterious
  • A bit vulnerable
  • Late 20's

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    S A L A N D R A   O F   E U R O P A

    This portrait was a real challenge because I had to depict a drow. The term "drow" is new to me, so some research was needed, and extensive questions on the personality of drows and their purpose in life. What I came up in, in short was: white haired, dark skinned, red eyed sexy bitch.

    Salandra: "*Looks at the picture* Now what can I say... Thank you VERY much! This is just how Sal has always looked in my head. *Smiles* Just made my day even better."

    Character Description:
  • Evil
  • Selfish and self centered
  • Sexy
  • In her early 20's

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    L E M O   O F   E U R O P A

    Being my second portrait of a man, this was a bit scary to do since in all my life I have mainly drawn women, very few men. This inexperience can be seen in VMM's portrait, but considering this, I think Lemo turned out to be quite a handsome hottie :).

    Lemo: "WEEEEE!!!! I have just recieved my very own portrait doo daa =) and I LOVE IT!!! She has really done Lemo justice, I cant think of how he could be different in any way! =) THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!!"

    Character Description:
  • Charming
  • Bold and confident
  • Merchant
  • Ladies man
  • Friendly and easily laughs
  • Sometimes a good, and sometimes a bad boy
  • Has seen a lot of life and experienced most things, yet still possesses a sense of awe when he sees new things
  • In his early 30's

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    L A D Y   B R E I G H   O F   E U R O P A

    Another challenging portrait, for 2 opposite personality traits needed to be exposed. A sweet, open and big hearted side, but also a distant "don't mess with me or I'll bust your balls" side. The solutuon was by giving Breigh a girly seductive posture, and yet a "slap in yer face" expression, frosted off with bedroom eyes and a provocative smile. Now is she hot, or is she hot?

    Lady Breigh: "I really couldn't be happier! It's amazing how she brings our chars to life. It's even fun talking to her about it and trying to describe your char's personality to her and to make her get a vision in her head of what they should look like. She's fantastic! God I wish I had half her talent. Thank you so much :)"

    Character Description:
  • Beautiful
  • Devilish
  • Flirt
  • Mysterious
  • Leader
  • Naughty but nice
  • In her 20's

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    K I N G   K O F U   O F   E U R O P A

    What an honour to be hired by the king himself! *bows* Ok I wanted to make this portrait as royal as possible, so first thing that came to mind were the side profiles of royalty seen on coins and stamps. I did some research on how they look, then begun work.

    King Kofu: "My first impression: *stunned silence* afterwards really great picture just as I thought he should be, even the age is right, Kofu is a "young" 45 year old. The crown is just as I always imagined. Saphireena is the best :)"

    Character Description:
  • King of a good guild, communityleader and trusted authority figure.
  • Good
  • Confident
  • Bold and outgoing
  • Friendly
  • Flirty
  • Humorous, but serious
  • age 45

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    Last 5 portraits

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