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B L U E   F I N   O F   E U R O P A

Blue Fin was a challenge because of the unrealistic colors of his hair and clothes. How to make the portrait natural, with these elements to go on. Bold colors that said "Hey look at me!" and yet a personality that was shy and stand offish.

Blue Fin: "This is a really great portrait, It captures his shyness and also his determination to give a good name to his profession, He looks just as I imagined he would...and an added bonus.....he blinks!"

Character Description:
  • Age 25
  • Good
  • Confident in his abilities, though unsure of himself socially
  • Rather Shy
  • Very unselfish
  • Friendly....if you make the first move
  • Rather scared of opposite sex
  • Serious, until he knows you better
  • Mature
  • Seen a lot, but still learning
  • Very stand offish, until he knows you better, then he will do ANYTHING in his power to help you
  • Blue eyes, steely, showing a hint of warmth
  • Expression serious, though not frowning, sort of alert
  • Head oval
  • Lips tight and and serious

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    C A R B U N K L E   O F   E U R O P A

    How to make a grizzly, bearded, crooked nosed, scarred elderly man, and yet keep him handsome? That was the challenge with this portrait. But he turned out to be quite a hunk!

    Carbunkle: "My oldest Character brought to life in this picture. He has seen most things in UO, and I think Saph has captured this very well indeed, even his battle scars! Thank you very much for my portraits, they are awesome"

    Character Description:
  • Age 44
  • Extremely good and honourable
  • Very Confident
  • Bold and outgoing
  • Unselfish
  • Friendly
  • Neutral, not flirty, but not distant either
  • Very mature
  • A grizzled veteran of many a campaign
  • Expression serious usually
  • A large scar runs diagonally down his left cheek
  • Nose is broken crooked to the right
  • Kissable lips =)

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    S E R G I O   F A I R H E A R T   O F   E U R O P A

    Omg! This portrait was soooo hard to do. I worked on it for a whole day, searching searching for Sergio. He kept on running from me in my mind, never quite revealing himself. But finally I caught him and the image started to form with my aid of my nimble right hand.

    Sergio Fairheart: "She's done it yet again, another masterpiece :) I think I gave one of the most contradictory descriptions ever, but she managed to get it all together and come out with Sergio just as I've always imagined him. Thanks for sticking with it Saph, you have a real talent :)"

    Character Description:
  • Confident
  • Very friendly
  • Mature with a jokster waiting to escape
  • Been through a series of traumatic experiences
  • Age 38
  • Dark blue eyes, quite small
  • Serious with a slight grin, mischievous
  • Thin and very tall (7ft)
  • Nose long and rounded at the end
  • The hair is very neat and glossy
  • Head Oval
  • Chin Longish and thin
  • Lips Tight

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    F E E R S U M   O F   E U R O P A

    He was really easy to do, it probably helped that we have been friends for a long time, so I already had a preconception in my head of what he looks like.

    Feersum:"Thanks once again for Saph's skill in making me a portrait. I look hot eh!! :) It absolutely rocks!!! And the slick 'homeboy' look didn't look too mage like, so she added the 'magic eyes' which look fantasic - Gives me a cool cyberpunk look which fits in well with the book genre that i am reading at the moment. Many thanks to Saph and i owe her once again! Shje has been helping me with things for months now hehe - A great lady and very kind too - thanks "

    Character Description:
  • Age 30 but young at heart
  • Fun, relaxed, flirty all-round good guy.
  • 100 percent good
  • Confident & bold, yet humble
  • Can be childish, yet mature on matters of importance
  • Seen a lot in life yet he's still happy-go-lucky
  • Magical eyes
  • Default experession: Nothing to hide and maybe flirty
  • Slim, sinewy, and athletic
  • Square head
  • Natural/square chin & medium lips
  • Good looking

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    N I T H R O   O F   E U R O P A

    Nithro's description was so natural, the parts were pieced together well, thus a image of Nithro formed in my mind relatively easily. I think this is appartent in the stages pic.

    Nithro: "WOWWWEEEE..... I have a portrait... And I love it.... *smiles* "

    Character Description:
  • Age: 35 around
  • Looney nutty clown
  • Laughs and smiles easily
  • Helpful if treated well.
  • Good, unselfish and friendly
  • Pretty confident, not arrogant though
  • Bold and outgoing in battle, otherwise quite calm and silent
  • Likes to study people.
  • Quite flirty and a tease with friends
  • Mature
  • Seen a lot in life
  • Medium build, quite muscular from all the long fights
  • Quite normal nose, maybe broken sometime
  • Head square
  • Chin normal
  • Lips Tight
  • Pretty goodlooking, signs of a hard life, (not to smooth skin)
  • Looking into distance

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