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Screenshots and Stories

Karenina pays a visit

Click here to learn more about Katsienna came across Karenina, a good friend of mine, in Delucia the day after furnishing my house. We decided to go adventuring amongst the monsters in southern Lost Lands, I would open the treasure chests and Karenina would practice fighting the baddies.

As we neared the swamplands, Karenina mentioned that she had never been in the swamps. So I felt I needed to warn her of the giant serpents, and even worse, of the venomous Silver serpent which had once killed me in a few bites. "Have you ever been in the Britain sewers?" I asked cautiously. Karenina shuddered a bit and said that she hadn't. "There is a tunnel nearby which leads to the sewers, it's a handy way to get to Britain if you're ever by here. Shall I show you?". Karenina, although still young as a warrior, had a couragous heart and agreed to the suggestion. So through the gassy swamps we trotted, avoiding alligators, serpents, giant toads and snakes until we arrived at the cave that would lead up to the sewers. In a short while we were safely on Britain soil and relieved that it went smoothly.

Karenina had never tried using Recall so I said it was high time to learn how! And after a few tries, Karenina succeeded in recalling to my new home and I followed. We celebrated our successful little adventure at home and Karenina even had a heartwarming gift to give me: a lovely bottle of wine which we eagerly consumed together.

Katsienna:"Heh, I'll admit it's wonderful...

Karenina:"I want one too!"

Katsienna:" have one's own home".

Karenina:"Ooh and a guestbook :)"

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