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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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Screenshots and Stories

Shillard's troubles at sea

S hillard, Grandmaster fisherman, docked his empty boat on the eastern shores of Occlo and wearily dragged his way into Big Mama's Shoppe. When he encountered the owner of the shop, his famous cousin Saphireena, the red in his face deepened into a bright scarlett and his tanned hairy arms started swaying about in utter fury. "Unbelievable! Ridiculous! Treason!" Shillard growled, knowing his dear cousin would be always willing to hear about his troubles. "Shillard! Please calm down and tell me what's wrong!" Saphireena exclaimed. They sat down on the front steps of the shop and Shillard started telling his story, like a tangled ball of yarn, the story began to unravel.

"I remember growing up in the busy noisy streets of our great city, Britannia. I remember seeking escape from the chaotic crowds by strolling down to the docks to do some simple fishing. I'd listen to the elderly fisherman tell great tales of deep sea treasures, gold, jewels, magical items, paintings and lost treasure maps. Oh how I dreamt of some day owning my own boat so I could go sailing the seas, only to hear the sweet music of the waves swishing to and fro. No people, no yelling, no thieving, no fights. Just peace and quiet and the creatures of the sea as my spiritual companions. Most of all I dreamt of some day fishing up treasures of my own." "Yes Shillard, I know all this, I remember! Please go on and tell me what happened today!" begged Saphireena anxiously.

But Shillard insisted on continueing his story "Eventually my skill as a fisherman rose to such heights, and so many grilled fish steaks had been sold that I could afford my first boat. Oooooh twas grand the day that I set sail from the docks of Britain in my shiny new vessel! But I still had many sea serpents to battle, and millions of fish to be fished before I could even dream of seeing any treasure maps or MIBs. (Messages in Bottles which give you great treasures). It took me 2 months of fishing 6 hours a day until I reached Grandmaster Fisherman. Often times, I had been near insanity and those mundane moments of listening to *plop* *plop* *plop* were so torturous that I wish not such an experience even on my worst enemy!" "Oh I remember Shillard, you were not yourself at all during that period, it gives me the shivers when I remember the emptyness I saw in your eyes. You were like the living dead you were!" Saphireena slipped into her thoughts for a moment, then carried on:"But dear cousin, you finally did make Grand Master Fisherman! Aaaah remember how we celebrated till dawn, stuffing ourselves with fishsteaks and wine, and admiring that first MIB that you got the very same day?" "And twould not be my only MIB lass, I fished up hoardes of MIBs and treasure maps and earned us lots of gold to pay off our bills back then. Ah yes we were doing really well! But now I am afraid the good days are over Saph... After the gods summoned the sea serpents to guard the treasures at sea, I have not fished up a single thing! The first time I went fishing, this is what happened:"

"I fished 3 long hours at sea, and the only thing I caught was a weak sea serpent with only a single fish steak on it's body. No MIBS, no maps. It was so tramautic that I didn't go to sea for a whole week! I was used to getting at least 1 MIB per hour, and a treasure map every second hour. This was plain depressing."

"The next week I was full of zest and was sure that I could not have such bad luck a second time. So off I went to sea, fished for 4 hours and once again, the only thing I caught was a single sea serpent with no loot to offer. But I had humour about me and found it merely amusing this time."

"The third time that it happened, it was too much for me and I decided to retire from my fishing days. And that, dear Saphireena, is why I am here now, to let you know that I will not be able to provide your shoppe with MIBs anymore. There are none left in the sea I am afraid :-(" Saphireena looked at Shillard with sympathy and took his hand in her own, "Shillard don't worry about it. I am sure we will manage somehow! Lets just wait a few months and see if the Gods alter the ways of the seas again, perhaps you will have better luck then dear cousin."

Indeed Saphireena's prediction was correct: after several months had passed, rumours told of special fishing nets being recovered from the sea, and this is what lured Shillard back onto his vessel and fishing pole into his hand. Not only did Shillard get these fishing nets he had heard of, but he started recovering MIBs off of the carcasses of Sea Serpents he had killed. Everything turned out after all, and if there is any lesson to be learned, it is that the Gods know what they are doing, sometimes they just take a while to do it right :-).

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