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Screenshots and Stories

VMM buys a nightmare

V Click here to learn more about Katsienna MM has always loved animals, even as a small child he had the gift of communicating with them. So it was no wonder when he took on the profession of an animal tamer. One of his lifelong dreams was to some day befriend a nightmare. For those of you who don't know, nightmares are not any ordinary horses. For one, they feed on warm blood drenched meat and not vegetation. Secondly, they are extremely rare and hard to find in the wilderness. After having played almost 1 years, I have yet to encounter one in the wilderness! They are mean killing machines, perhaps the most ferocious of all the Britannian beasts and need a lot of skill to not only tame, but also to control. But once docile they are very rewarding pets which will protect you wherever you go, kill whatever you command it to and can be trained in the ways of magery as well as physical fighting. At the moment, a normal horse costs about 500 - 800 gp and a nightmare 60 000 - 100 000. So that alone tells you that owning one is something to be proud of.

VMM's first moments alone with the mare were breathtaking. Here before him stood perhaps the most powerful beast in all of Britannia! The mare was like a coiled spring, prancing nervously before him as her breath steamed out of her nostrils in the cold Papuan climate.

The mare eyed VMM over and was calmed by the gentle tone of the humans voice. Although she could not understand what he was saying, the rythmic chant of his speech made her feel safe. VMM on the other hand was feeling quite frightened of his new pet. Would he be able to keep her under control? Or would she end up eating him for lunch?

The mare had just been sold to him from a notable Tamer and naturally the first thing to do was to give the beast a suitable name. Prancer? Dancer? Rudolph? No no no...
As he spoke the words "Fury" the mare turned towards him as if knowing she was being mentioned.

Although the beautiful steed could not understand, VMM felt a need to make vows to the horse out loud. This was the birth of a new and special bond, almost like marriage.

Fury looked straight into VMM's eyes and licked her lips. This made VMM a bit nervous, since Nightmares are predators and have eaten many men alive. He then remembered the fresh Orc steaks he had taken along and offered her a few all the while talking to her soothingly. Fury ravished the steaks in seconds and shook her head in excitement as the blood dripped from her muzzle. VMM gulped a little.

It was time to get going and VMM decided to try and mount his brand new steed. Surprisingly Fury accepted him onto her back and already seemed to accept VMM as her new friend and master. The pair had one final look at the mares native lands deep beneath Britannia, and said their goodbyes. They would now travel up to the surface and to worlds that Fury had never seen. How would she manage there with the foreign beasts and harsh weather? Click below to find out!


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