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Screenshots and Stories

Mad cows take over Britannia!!!

D Click here to learn more about Katsienna uring the year of 2000, there was lots of hysteria concerning the famous "Mad Cows Disease". Since I don't eat cows meat, and know quite a bit about the dangers of eating such "food" I knew it was my duty to warn the unsuspecting citizens of Britannia as well. Eating cows steaks is dangerous! I gathered together a couple of girlfriends and we went to tame a bunch of cows, renamed them "mad cow" then took them to busy public places to cause havoc and chaos, in a playful way of course.

Here VMM is busy taming all the cows he can find in and out of Delucia. Above, the grey status bar of a cow being currently tamed, and below a blue status bar of a cow that has already been tamed and renamed. Note that the mad cow is already acting crazy as it lunges and recoils. Heheh.

Argus, Kitten and I get together with our tamed cows and make plans on how to do this. Note that since we are on the Trammel facet, our dozens of cows are "stacked" on top of each other, so you cannot yet see the massive amount that we have. We decide to move over to the Felucca facet so that our cows will become separated from each other.

We arrive in Felucca and at once out cows spread out like they should. Only problem is now it is hard walking around without bumping into lots of deadly mad cows!

We "attack" the one and only Britain west bank first and cause quite a commotion. Our cows are everywhere, and a massive choir of desperate mooing can be heard echoing through the streets. It's a riot! Note the numerous corpses laying about, whew! those cows were viscious killers! desperately.

Next we go to Moonglow bank and people are in shock. What on earth is going on!

VMM being chased by a herd of mad cows.

A guild clothed in red turns up and after first laughing about it all, turn into poor sports and decide to call a GM about the lag we are causing.

GM Sol appears to me as a grey figure, invisible to others, and tells me he laughed himself silly when he saw our mad cows. He politely asks me if he can move some of them to other parts of Moonglow, since they are causing lag at Moonglow bank. Naturally I agree, and tell him we are just having a bit of fun. He is very understanding and polite (I mean heck - he could have just deleted/killed the beasts - but he was so nice that he transferred them instead), then starts transferring cows to other parts of Moonglow. So if you ever come across a "mad cow" in the Moonglow countryside, you will know where it came from :-).

What is also pretty funny is that the one cow lunges and recoils, as if attacking something invisible, just as GM Sol is speaking to me in his invisible figure - heheh.

A moment later, GM Sol decided to take part in the fun and revealed himself to everyone else as well in his traditional red robe. Naturally, fearing for the safety of the Britannian citizens, he felt it would be best to terminate the life of a mad cow that was acting suspicious. Everyone watched in awe as he popped up from nowhere, killed the mad cow then slowly sank into the ground. How heartwarming to see a GM with such a great sense of humour! :-)

I guess people got the point eh? Beef stinks!

After the hype is over, we are left with a few cows at Moonglow bank, and laugh about how much fun it was. As a hint to anyone who wants to try this: get yourself a good amount of hay from a farmhouse first, and bank it, because the cows won't eat fruit or veggies and you'll have a hard time keeping them tame and make them follow if they don't get food. Walking from farmhouse to farmhouse with a herd of 30 cows was not exactly an easy task ;-)

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