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Screenshots and Stories

Voi Mussi Mussi's GM Tamer Graduation

Click here to learn more about Voi Mussi Mussi V oi Mussi Mussi had been studying animals since he was a child, and had watched in awe as animal tamers (who were extremely rare at the time) glided by with dragons at their side. When Voi came of age, it went without saying that he would be a master of the animal kingdom - an animal tamer. He studied and watched the animals persistently for over a year until he had finally mastered the art of understanding and controlling animals. Some of the most feared beasts in the kingdom such as nightmares and dragons were transferred into docile gentle creatures from just a few gentle words. Voi held an uncanny spell over them, all that was needed was a gentle whisper and the beast would obey his any wish and protect him with their own lives. Even those creatures who were invulnerable to Voi's taming attempts, could not resist the enchanting music he played upon his harp and could be convinced to turn against other creatures, even others of their own kind! Whilst travelling through dangerous caverns, filled with deadly beasts, Voi needed not but play his harp and they would all forget their anger, allowing Voi passage in peace. Twas a true miracle to behold!

But although Voi had thoroughly mastered the art of animal taming (99.9), there was still something missing. He wanted to be more than a master, he wanted to take that last step and become a Grand Master (100.0). He had worked very hard and felt it in his heart that he had more than earned this title. He yearned for finality to his mastership and recognition amongst his fellow tamers.

Voi searched high and low for the eldest and wisest of all tamers in Britannia. Someone who would be worthy of testing Voi's skills, watch him interact with the animals and challenge his knowledge. In conclusion, they would grant him the much respected Grand Master title.

After asking around, Voi was led to the Europa Rangers Council where he met the guildmaster himself, Lord Meister Propper. Voi had never seen or spoken to this man before, but not many minutes were needed before Voi sensed the aura of wisdom and knowledge radiating from him. Voi spoke of his dream to become grand master and asked Lord Meister Propper in the most humble manner, if he would do the honor of being Voi's master in graduating him. Meister pondered thoughtfully for a moment, then broke out into a warm smile. "Id be delighted Voi".

Over the next week, Master Meister planned the tests he'd conduct on Voi, whilst Voi gathered together his closest tamer associates and friends to witness the event and help out if needed. A date was set, and preperations were made for the big day. As the graduation event neared, Voi Mussi Mussi became increasingly nervous and excited. He was used to taming on his own and controlling his pets was effortless during his solitary hunting trips... but how would he perform in front of a big crowd, and more importantly, would his pets be edgy from so many people and the tense atmosphere? Perhaps they would not obey him at all, and become frantic instead? Voi could do no more than try to have faith in his abilities and unique gift.

Finally the day came when Voi Mussi Mussi would become Grand Master tamer if he passed his tests and proved himself worthy. Master Meister Propper met up with Voi and his party of friends in Occlo where they went over the first part of the tests.

    T E S T S :   P A R T   I
  • Location: White Wyrm Lair, Ice Dungeon
  • Task: Successfully tame the White Wyrm (and hopefully gain the remaining 0.1 points)
  • Requirements: Voi must tame the beast using no special tricks or tactics. Only pure and raw taming is acceptable. Voi must also keep himself in good health while doing so, without help from anyone else. Voi must also keep the White Wyrms attentions upon himself. Once tamed, the beast must be calmed and convinced to follow Voi away from it's lair and out of the dungeon successfully. Witnesses are not allowed to peacemake, cast any spells on either the Wyrm nor Voi Mussi Mussi, nor interact with them in any way. They are however, permitted to keep other monsters at bay for general safety to themselves.

A map depicting the location of the White Wyrms lair.

The party travelled to the freezing climate of the ice dungeon and amongst the growls and whimpers of the beasties within, one could hear a shuddering roar echo along the icy passages. The White Wyrm seemed to be in... and sounded very hungry and bad tempered. The whole party shivered, more from fear than from the cold, as they ventured towards the dreaded lair of the notorious beast.

    T E S T S :   P A R T   II
  • Location: Compassion desert
  • Tasks: Successfully command the freshly tamed White Wyrm in various situations and keep yourself and the beast in good health while doing so
  • Requirements: Voi Mussi Mussi's final tests will be to command his brand new White Wyrm successfully. This will be a challenge since the Wyrm will be most upset from leaving it's own icy climate, and will have to deal with the hot dry climate of the desert. Voi Mussi Mussi will also have to heal the beast on his own while keeping himself alive, without help from others.

Once Lord Meister Propper is pleased and satisfied with VMM's performance, he will say so and we will all return back to Big Mamas Apartmentos. Here Voi Mussi Mussi will be officially granted his Grandmaster Status and we will all celebrate with refreshements and Finnish Sauna.

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