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Screenshots and Stories

Tournament of Chickens at Castle Dennar LS

O n September the 22nd (2001), a grand event was held on Lake Superior called the "$2,500,000 Chicken Day Event at Castle Dennar LS". Behind it all was Dennar, who owns a huge shopping mall in a castle north of Minoc. The event had several parts to it, for instance the "Drunken Poly Chicken race" in which players were to polymorph into chickens, get drunk, and run a certain course. The winner Kosi won 250K. Also a "A Drunken Chicken Stand Up Comedy Contest" in which the comedians had to once again polymorph themselves into chickens, get drunk, and tell chicken jokes. The winner, Ballderk, won 250K! Then there was a prize of 100K to the person who was capable of bringing the most chickens. I don't know who won that.

The most prominent competition though, was the "Colonel Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken 1-1 Tournament" in which chickens would fight each other till death and the one chicken who would win all others, would win their owner a whopping   o n e   m i l l i o n   g o l d   p i e c e s ! ! ! All losing chickens were threatened to be carved up and deep fried! Eeep!

This was the competition I decided to take part in, and like many others, I trained a chicken for weeks and weeks before the big event. Here is a little documentary of the whole process.

Musi Mussukka goes to the forests of Vesper to tame a selection of chickens. She decides to tame wild forest chickens, for they are the toughest type. Domestic chickens are way too wimpy!

After six choice fowl are tamed, Musi leads them all the way to the famous Jhelom Fighting Pit to test which is the meanest and strongest of the six chickens. Only the best will do! Here Musi is trying to inspire them to fight by luring them with some delicious hay.

First minutes pass, then hours, without any damage inflicted on any chicken. They are all too even! Musi tries to get them to fight even harder.

But no matter how hard she tries, the chickens just aren't working hard enough. Maybe they are too wild to obey her and the domestic breed might have been a better choice after all?

Eventually, after watching the chickens fight for three hours, Musi gives up and decides to use the Anatomy skill to determine which chicken is the best. Chicken C seems to have the best stats. Musi names him "Pervalidus" which means "Very Strong" in Latin. Yes, Pervalidus would be the one to win Musi one million gold pieces! Musi was sure of it!

Over the next weeks, Musi trained Pervalidus extensively. First on wimpy creatures like bunnies and birds. Then on boars, cats and dogs. And as the days passed, Pervalidus could kill larger and larger animals, until he was able to take hinds, horses and llamas. During the last days he was trained on zombies at the Moonglow cemetary. Much to the amazement and disgust of the newbie warriors there.

The night before the event, official registration was taking place at castle Dennar, with the master of the house himself signing people up. After Musi registered, Dennar told her to report to ringmaster Tarak the next day before the event. Soon after, Musi's dear friend Anna-Maana signed up as well, she had been training her chicken "SuperKukko" over the past weeks as well, and they had often trained together.

The big day had finally come! Musi fetched Pervalidus from the Minoc stables and they shared a few minutes together, knowing well that they may be their last moments. Would he become the winner, or just another bucketful of fried chicken legs? We'd soon find out!

When they arrived in front of Castle Dennar, there were already hoardes of people, many with their chickens. Musi and Pervalidus stared in awe at all the competition, and the massive sound of dozens of chickens squaking was ear deafening! Musi woke up from her daze and remembered that she needed to report to ringmaster Tarak. She searched the group of people in yellow, upon yellow ridgebacks, and spotted him! He was titled as "Fair" so she felt lucky to have been assigned to this particular fellow.

Musi reported to Tarak and lined up against the wall of the small house, as she was told to. Gradually the whole Tarak team gathered here, her friend Anna-Maana as well.

Here is a nice shot of everyone lined up with their chickens. Most of the crowd had already dispersed and we were still waiting for the last team members to arrive.

At last Tarak led us to a more secluded spot, to start the fights, and after hed had carefully built a small arena for the chickens, he called out the first competetors: Pervalidus and ColonalSanders!

Our chickens were transferred to him after which he guided them to their correct starting positions, then shut the arena and started the fight.

Unfortuantely, our chickens were not inspired enough to kill one another, mearly a bit annoyed. Perhaps it was a secret pact amongst the chickens not to hurt each other? For we heard that the same problem was taking place in the other teams as well! Very mysterious indeed!

We watched them fight for what must have been 30 - 45 minutes, without any results. They were just too even and lazy, despite our constant commands to fight harder.

Eventually people were falling asleep, so the ringmasters, together with Dennar all decided to change the competition. The chickens would now fight hinds, and the first chicken to kill a hind would be the winner. This was a bit unfair in my opinion since all animals spawn with different DEX, STR, and fighting skills. So the chick that fought the weaker hind would end up winning. Oh well, we couldn't think of anything better so it was left up to luck. ColonalSanders was the evident winner, this time.

Anyhow, while it was my chicks turn, the other chicken was winning, which was fine and dandy - it was left to luck. As long as someone wins to get the games going. But then a dire wolf approached and started killing one of the 2 hinds that I had gone to tame, (but which were never used) and I had all status bars up on my screen, the 2 fighting chickens, the 2 hinds they were fighting, as well as the 2 hinds I had tamed and who were behind me. Some people went to kill the direwolf, as I went into panic and greater healed the hind that the dire wolf was attacking.... OR SO I THOUGHT!! I actually healed my competetors hind instead - I got mixed up with the status bars :(((( I was soooo embarrassed and felt so bad, because I didn't want people to think I am trying to cheat, that I apologized many times and left the whole place feeling utterly depressed. If any of the people from the Tarak group are reading this, once, more sorry :((( I hope you had a nice night, and I hope a winner was finally found.

Dennar came to apologize to us personally for the chicken fights not working, which I thought was really nice of him. He must have been so dissappointed! Poor guy. It's stressful enough organising a huge event like this without it going all wrong. But he and the other staff members truly did a fantastic job!!

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