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Screenshots and Stories

Bonfire in Magincia

L Click here to learn more about Katsienna ast night Voi Mussi Mussi went to his favourite bank: Magincia bank, and low and behold!! A huge bonfire was burning right next to the bank, surrounded by a chaotic mass of people, all shouting in confusion.

Decaying corpses littered the once clean walkways and the flames burned high, engulfng piles upon piles of old chairs, barrels, and shelves. A witch was dangling above the flames, hung by a thick rope! Never had VMM seen anything so horrifying! He was relieved that his mage sister Maleena was not with him, now that people with mystical powers were being hunted and excecuted! Who'd be next!? The tamers and bards!?

VMM was not only afraid for Maleena, but for himself as well. For not only was he a mage, but a tamer as well as a bard. At the moment, there was a overpowering hatred towards bards and especially tamers. He and many other tamers fled to the rooftops to get a safer distance from the chaos below. VMM shook his head sadly as he watched the tragic scene. Greedy merchants were taking full advantage of the excecution by selling their wares amongst the thick crowd. What was the world coming to? After watching it all for about half an hour, VMM sighed sadly and went to the continue his journies, this time, with a knot in his stomach.

Later on, VMM returned to the bank and noticed that the firing inferno was gone, and yet there were still hoardes of people. He saw people shouting "IGM Talos" and gasped. The holy one was here? VMM sauntered carefully closer to get a glimpse and was horrified to see the respected Talos being crushed by masses of impatient people. Did they have no respect!? A entity such as IGM Talos was a rare and awe inspiring sight! One to bow down to in respective silence, not run over and yell at!

Many of the good folk tried to keep the hoardes at bay, and provide a respectable space for Talos, but the mass was too large. Many simple minded questions were being hurled at his holyness, questions that were not even worthy of and answer from a common farmer, let alone a god! VMM shook his head in disgust. What ever happened to common courtesy and manners. The people were acting like brainless animals! Talos could do little other than wait patiently for the people to calm down...

Talos tried to find a clear space to stand on and speak, but people just continued running over him and shouting constantly! (why?) A few of us knew that he may have uttered some wise words to benefit us all, but the masses never game him the chance. It's not as if he ever had to make himself visible to us, and could have gone about his work in his invisible state.

After many patient attempts, Talos found us unworthy of his time, turned himself into a little red frog, said "Bah" and hopped away. VMM didn't blame him one bit and only felt great sadness of the idiocy of his race.

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