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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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Screenshots and Stories

Before we had decoration tools

B ack in the old days, house decoration did not have any special place in Ultima Online. I mean sure, people had houses, and they built furniture to furnish them with, but people didn't actually decorate their houses. After the arrival of the furniture dye tub and potted plants, and especially after the rare collecting boom, things began to change, turning house decoration into one of the most popular past times that it is today.

As anyone who has decorated their first home knows, you cannot lock an item up high on the wall for it will just fall to the ground. Today we have the house decoration tool to deal with that problem, but in the old days we had to use special tricks to get those items to stay up. It was a matter of stacking a pile of items, then an item that decays quickly, and finally the item itself that we wanted up high.

The most popular "decayable item" was deathrobes and people actually collected them in their secures! The tricky part was how to gather lots of deathrobes quickly. Some people would gather them at healers, others would arrange to have their friend kill them over and over at a shrine, but I used Dungeon Destard for this purpose. Not only does Destard mean quick and automatic death, but there is a shrine where you can resurrect yourself endlessly.

Here you can see Musi Mussukka "gathering" death robes.

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