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Screenshots and Stories

IDOC Hunting in the old days

Click here to learn more about Musi Mussukka Aor those of you who do not know what IDOCs are, or why they were "hunted", let me explain briefly. Firstly the word abbreviation IDOC comes from the words In Danger Of Collapsing. As we all know, houses will decay if they are not looked after in other words - refreshed. These days, only the owner and friends of a house may see it's decay status via the house sign. But in the olden days, anyone who clicked on the sign of a house could see what stage of decay it was in. Thus, IDOC hunters would travel through the lands checking houses and making runes to houses that looked promising. For instance I made runes for houses which were Fairly and Greatly worn. as well as for IDOCs of course. Each stage lasted 3 days, and the IDOC stage itself lasted about 16 hours. Anyhow, this is how people would know of a house about to collapse, and thus would all gather around it on the big day, waiting for hours and hours and hours for it to fall. Today I guess it's just a matter of being the first lucky person to happen to walk by a house that has collapsed - seeing a pile of stuff that had been inside upon the grass.

Here a couple of pictures from Musi Mussukka's IDOC hunts. Out of all the IDOCs Musi had been to, she was often successful due to her persistance and patience. Her best catch was probably the large tower on a prime spot near Wrong which she placed on Lake Superior. She also grabbed a chest that had a furniture dye tub inside as well as thousands of reagents. But most of her triumphs were placing smallish houses which she would sell.

Musi Mussukka sorting through the loot of an IDOC sandstone she succeeded in snatching on Lake Superior. This was one of the most delicious IDOC triumphs due to having placed the house AND getting most of the loot which was inside. And in this case the loot being so valuable.

Musi Mussukka waits in hiding right under the sign of the decaying large tower which is about to drop. Although there appears to be many IDOC hunters in waiting, in actuality there are many many more, which are in hiding as Musi Mussukka is. The reason to go into hiding is to avoid people talking to you, which would break your concentration if the house were to drop. Every critical second counts.

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