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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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F U R N I S H I N G   T I P S : Floating items up high aka "Floating"

Have you ever wondered how people make their decorations so nicely, and how they get their items placed just right. How do they hang lamps up on the wall anyhow?

It's called "floating". It's the most important and basic skill you need to know to make nice decorations for your house. It is used for getting that candlabra into the middle of the table that would otherwise hang off the edge, for hanging up lamps, for making aquariums, for putting up shelves. All kinds of things.

Here's what you need:

        Newbie coins or any other newbie item or a deathrobe
      A "spacer" like fishsteaks or any other easily stackable non-valuable item
    The item you want to place

S A P H I R E E N A   H A N G S   U P   A   T O R C H

In this example case, Saphireena will "hang up" a torch on the wall using the above items.

1. Stand in front of the square you want to place on.

2. Start by placing a spacer on the square.

3. The tricky part is placing the second spacer if you are using stackable items like fishsteaks, so they don't stick together. You need to target the bottom corner of the square you are placing on. Notice where the finger on the cursor is pointing to.

4. Now let go of the spacer. It will bouce into the middle of the square on top of the other spacer.

5. Continue stacking the spacers until you can stack no more. In this case 17 fishsteaks could be stacked, and no more. In this case I made the highest pile possible because I wanted to place the torch as high as possible too. Obviously if you don't want your item to be placed this high, stack less spacers.

6. Now remove the top 2 spacers. The reason for this is that you need to make room for 1. the decayable item 2. the item you want to place.

7. Now it is time to place your decayable item onto the pile of spacers. In this case, a newbie coin onto a pile of fishsteaks.

8. It should look like this now. You have exactly ONE MINUTE until the decayble item vanishes.

9. Now place the item you wanted to place, on top of the whole stack.

10. Here you can see the complete pile:

1. The fishsteaks = the pile of stackers
2. The newbie coin = the decayble item
3. The torch = the item you want placed

11. Now simply double click the torch to turn it on, and lock it down.

12. Wait for the newbie coin to decay. (You can barely see it right under the torch in this picture)

13. Now in this picture the newbie coin has decayed and everything is almost ready. What has happened is that since there is no longer an item between the fishsteaks and torch, there is mere space, and the torch is in no way touching the fishsteaks anymore. It is now safe to remove the fish steaks from underneath because they cannot "drop" the torch since they are not touching it.

14. The end result looks like this in this case. Check once more to make sure the item is locked down. If it didn't work for you, try again. Perhaps the coin decayed before you had time to place the last object? Remember you only have 1 minute to get everything ready after placing the newbie coin.

Some things to take into consideration:

  • Newbie items last only 1 minute after they have been placed on the ground
  • Newbie items cannot be locked down
  • If you are building something very complicated, simply use fishsteaks instead of newbie items and let them decay away slowly, it will take several hours, but at least you have time to arrange everything.
  • You can place multiple items on one square, as long as you put a newbie item under each item. For instance if you are hanging up a shelf, and you want a runebook on top, you would place a few fishsteaks, 1 newbie coin, the shelf, a fish steak and newbie coin to make the runebook go nicely in the middle of the shelf, and finally the runebook itself.

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