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F U R N I S H I N G   T I P S : How to fix cracks in the "carpet"

Since players cannot have real carpets in UO, many have used peices of cloth as a substitute. This in itself is pretty messed up because instead of having a real carpet which would count as only one item, people have to use several if not dozens of pieces of cloth to make a "carpet" the same size. Just imagine the item count if every single home owner has even one carpet? This means lag, and a lot of it. It's really too bad the game developers do not recognise this problem and either finally give us real carpets or, some type of "grouping tool" with which you could group together items to make them one.

Ok - enough with the rant :-) This little tutorial is on how to make a seamless carpet from cloth that has no cracks, and yet can be stood on without "sinking" into the cloth layers. We will use the lounge of Big Mamas Apartmentos as an example.

Here we have a black carpet that would look great if it weren't for those ugly cracks. It could be fixed visually by placing a second pile of cloth on top, but then characters would sink inside the cloth while standing on the carpet. Not nice.

The solution is more simple than you could have ever imagined, and I discovered it purely by mistake. Simply place 1 piece of cloth on top of the layers of "2 pieces of cloth". If you are having a hard time placing a second level of cloth on top, refer to the "How to make piles without items like cloth stacking together" tip.

Then drag the "2 pieces of cloth" from the bottom, onto your spellbook.

Release the "2 pieces of cloth" from your mouse cursor and the cloth will in fact spring right back.

Now the "2 pieces of cloth" and the "1 piece of cloth" are on top of each other, but they are on the same level!! Thus the cracks have ben sealed up, and when you stand on the carpet your feet don't sink inside. Now simply lock down both layers and you are done!

Some things to take into consideration:

  • A carpet like this will take double amount of lockdowns compared to a "normal carpet".

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