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P R O B L E M S : My pet is ignoring me! Crossing server lines

Problem: You are walking around and your pets or escorts are following you, but all of a sudden they stop and don't take any notice when you give them commands.

Cause: You have just crossed a server boundry.

Solution: The obvious solution is to make a gate to get to wherever you are going, but not everyone is such a good mage. And these instructions are for those people who cannot gate.

If you have the latest UO Automap, you will be able to see the server boundries as lines on your map. If you do not have UO Automap which you SHOULD, then you will just have to try and guess where the boundries are by walking back and forth. When you are in the process of crossing the serverline you will notice a slight bouncy delay.

First try and walk along the line and find a spot that your pet will follow through on. If that doesn't work, try this: Take a few steps back on the side your pet is on. Then run as fast as you can in an absolutely STRAIGHT line through the border. Try this over and over until your pet follows through. I once had problems with my packhorse and this is what I was told to do by a GM. It worked right away.

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