The druidess happilly accepted the invitation to go hunt with his guild and thus, they spent the next moments waiting for other guild members to arrive. One of the first to show up was the guildmistress herself, a radiant lady in glittering blue armour. It soon became obvious that the gentleman and this lady felt very affectionately for each other, and the druidess smiled softly, as it reminded her of how things had been with her long lost love, the champion. She sighed a bit, knowing that no other would be able to fill the hole in her heart, but at the same time it comforted her greatly to see love thriving elsewhere, for she still believed in the power and beauty of that grand feeling.

One of the members, a lurikeen, had a similar cloak to her own, and as she admired it, he admired her black wolf. A strange bond would form that night, between the lurikeen and her wolf. As the minutes passed, guild members arrived, each brining forth their own delightful personalities. As the last arrived it was finally time to start off on their adventure.

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