At first they hunted gigantic white boars. Although she knew the threat they posed with their sharp tusks and massive size, the druidess could not help but watch them in utter delight, as they pitter pattered around the area on their short stout legs. They did indeed prove to be as threataning as she had guessed, and needed everyones help to bring down.

After hunting boars for quite a while, the group were faced with an unpleasant surprise. A single invader attacked, causing confusion and panic in the youngsters. The elders knew what he was up to though and yelled "It's a trap!!". But before long, all but two of the group members were dead. The druidess was lucky enough to be one of those who had escaped. She fled, running as fast as she could and hid behind a tree. But the growling of her wolf revealed her whereabouts and soon the invader had stunned her in place. She stood rigid, awaiting the final blow of death. But it never came! For a guardian and her fellow Hibernians had come to her rescue, and once she was able to move, she saw the Albionian invader sprawled on the grass, dead cold. She returned to her group to help resurrect and heal those who had fallen.

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