As the sun started to set, the group moved onto bigger and more challenging prey, gigantic lions that could eat a man in one swallow!!

Between battles, the guild mistress and master asked the druidess if she had been considering joining a guild. But being the shy lone wolf that she was, she declined, saying that normally she worked alone, or with a good friend. But did admit to had having a wonderful time with them. Soon the other members joined in telling her they would love to see her join their merry group, and appreciated her personality, skills and positive outlook on life. She was indeed honoured and flattered to be invited to such a small tight knitted group of people, for it meant that rarely were outsiders like herself taken in with open arms. The people were so very nice, and warm - also mature without being being humorless. They did not seem to take things too seriously and having an enjoyable time together seemed to be what was most important. They did not wear a uniform either, which showed that each was allowed to be their own unique personality. The guild was not seeking fame nor size and would stay small and warm in the future as well. If there had ever been a more perfect guild for the druidess, it was this one!

She decided to ponder over the subject for a while, for although they were all that she could ever want, would she be able to give enough of herself to them?

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