The druidess had to travel far away to her homelands for a few days, to help her mother with some important tasks. During her absence, she pined for him ... she ached for him ... she yearned for him ... she missed him so much it hurt all over. Thus, she worked as quickly and efficiently as possible, all day and most of the night as well, barely remembering to eat. Finally she accomplished her tasks and after saying her farewells to her mother, ran all the way back to Hibernia to once again be reunited with her love. Her legs ached and her breath was short, but once she finally ran back into her champions arms, she could feel nothing but utter bliss and fulfillment radiate throughout her whole being. It was like coming back to a warm loving home.

The couple held each other long and tight, dazed with happiness. He was so happy that he ran around town yelling to the world how taken he was with her, as she looked on and blushed with a silly grin on her face. All was perfect. Too perfect...

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