That next night, the druidess received a note from her champion. There were only a few words on the small scroll, but they were enough to crush her world. He regretted to inform that he cannot see her ever again, but did not explain why, only that although he could not be her champion in body, he would alway be in spirit. She read the note over and over again in utter disbelief and bewilderment. Although she sent a note back, he never answered her again. The next days she roamed the lands high and low, searching desperately for him. Checking all their old familiar places. But he could not be found. She felt dead in mind and soul. Empty. Like a ghost.

After she had scoured the vast lands thoroughly without any sign of him, all she could do was return to the place they had first hunted, on Siabra island. She walked along the shoreline where she had spent many a hour healing him in battle, remembering all of the precious moments, words, carresses. It began to rain and she took cover under the large birch tree and sobbed for hours as the rain pelted down on her and the sharp wind bit her skin. The color in her life had turned to a lifeless gray.

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