T H E   W E D D I N G   O F   K Y L E A T H   &   T A L Y N N E

It was another day of armourcrafting at the public forge in Tirn na Nog. The druidess rarely payed much attention to what the merchants were calling out about the latest grand sale they were having, and simply immersed herself in her smithing, day dreaming about a certain champion. But today she was vigilant, for she wanted to try and sell her wares, since it was something she had never tried before. As she listened to the people trading and dealing, an interesting message caught her ear:

Elayna: **the WEDDING is OUTSIDE of TNN not inside. Please go to the outside entrance (mag mell side) as the cermony will begin soon :)**

Being the hopeless romantic that she was, there was no way that the druidess was going to pass this up! So she left her crafting and trotted out to the eastern Tir na Nog entrance. As she neared the massive gathering of people at the mouth of the entrance, she could hear excited chatter in the crowd. She went to sit down on the grass and orientate herself to the sights and sounds.

Cathai: "Failte Grathil, tis nice to meet ye"
Deyo: "all naturalists, please form a semicircle before the stage, and ready your strength magics of choice!"
Grathil: "Ello there tall one"
* Siofra smiles at grathil *
Galadriale: "here comes the bride!" * Gilrondaar looks perplexed *
Vlaht: "Is good, I have to told not to drink and cast...who knows what can happen"
Deyo: "Please, all druids, bards, wardens, and naturalists, form a semicircle in front of the stage!"

Druids? Oooohh that meant her too!! The druidess jumped up and walked softly to the half circle forming.

Galidor: "cool"
Galadriale: "Failte!"

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