In the middle of the half circle, seperated from everyone else was a lovely little lurikeen lady dressed in purple. Her face was kind and friendly, and she smiled to the crowd forming around. It was then that she spoke...

Galadriale: "We are gathered here today... to bless the union of two souls."
Deyo: "Strength to Hibernia! Strength to the bride and groom!"
* Talynne blushes at the sight of Kyleath in his finery *
Galadriale: "By the power given to me by the Veil. I shall start with the ceremony"
* Viscious attempts to hold his ground at the sight of such a turnout *
* Talynne looks at Galadraile and smiles warmly *
Galadriale: "I had the honor of meeting Kyleath, here, and Talynne through their brave journeys through the worlds of Hibernia, Midgard, and Albion"
* Lensar frowns. *
* Kyleath smiles at Talynne, slightly blushing *
Alors: "oh dear"
Galadriale: "through their many adventures, sentiments are strong between them"
Viscious: "...."
* Talynne stifles a giggle *
* Liliwyn blushes *
* Viscious glances to the bride and groom and smiles faintly *

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