Galadriale: "We shall now proceed, with Kyleath first, pronouncing his vowes to Talynne"
* Elayna beams at her kinswoman, such a lovely bride! *
* Talynne feels her throat go dry and she feels slightly faint *
* Viscious closes his eyes as to take in the great volume of energy from the gathering *
Elayna whispers, "turn yer torch on :)"
Kyleath: "Me, Kyleath, in the presence of the Veil, and before those witnesses, I take you, Talynne, for my wife."
Galadriale: "Kyleath? your vows. please :)"
* Elayna stifles a giggle *
* Chanlmee smiles in patience *
* Liliwyn whispers to Lensar, aren't the bridesmaids' dresses beautiful *
* Talynne glnaces up at Kyleath *
Kyleath: "I give you my hand, I give you my love, I give you myself."
* Talynne starts to see double *
* Lensar rubs his beard in dismay and leans over to whisper a quiet response to Liliwyn, nodding in agreement to her. *
* Galidor cries *
Libemfil: "a raid?"
* Talynne smirks to herself *
Galidor: "I always cry at weddings"
Viscious: "shhh"

At this point a small man ran up before the couple, staring at the dazzling bride in awe. The groom frowned a bit, then the small lurikeen lady came to the rescue:

Galadriale: "a wedding.. shoo."

The man understood to scurry off and away, and the wedding vows continued.

Kyleath: "I pledge to stand by you as long as we live, and for all eternity in this life and after."
* Chanlmee hides a smile *
* Lensar beams a proud smile at the bridesmaids. *
Galadriale: "Talynne. Please, may we hear your vows."
* Talynne feels her face flush, her green eyes grow brighter *
* Elayna is flat out crying now but doesn't even notice, she is so happy *
* Galadriale sniffles *
* Talynne turns to face Kyleath, looks up inot his eyes and smiles, reciting *
* Faedric wipes his nose *
Talynne: "I Talynne the prescence of the viel"
Talynne: "and before these witnesses"
* Talynne glances over her shoulder *
* Kyleath smiles at Talynne, looks up in her eyes, sparkling with promises *
Talynne: "I take you...Kyleath"
Talynne: "as my husband"
Talynne: "I give you my hand"
* Viscious beams a smile at the bride and groom, his body fills with joy at the sound of the vows *
Talynne: "I give you my love"
Talynne: "I give you myself"
* Lensar shoos away several annoying messengers. *
Talynne: "I pledge to stand by long as we live....and beyond...our souls joined eternal from this night onward"
* Talynne feels tears in her eyes *

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