Galadriale: "If no one else objects to this union"
Galadriale: "you can go ahead and excahnge the rings"
* Kyleath wipes a crystal tear of happiness, slowly rolling down his cheek *

Then a elven gentleman stepped forward... The crowd gasped in shock.

Viscious: "Wait, if I may"
* Lensar cranes his neck, peering around to see if anyone objects. *
Alors: "viscious!"
Viscious: "before our lovely couple completes the ceremony"
* Chanlmee looks at Viscious ... *
Galadriale: "Visious..."
Viscious: "may I give a few words of my own?"
* Talynne scowls at her first knight *
Talynne: "Indeed, make this night complete milorde Viscious"
Viscious: "thank ye"
* Lensar murmers quietly to Liliwyn. *
* Kyleath listens silently to Viscious *
* Chanlmee wonders if Vicious ... drank some of his grog ... early or if he be really as his name *
Viscious: "Talynne, and Kyleath, i see now that you two are meant to be together for the rest of your lives"
Viscious: "Kyleath, i see you have the heart to love, and the courage to protect Talynne in times of need"
* Galadriale sobs *
Viscious: "and Talynne, I have never seen such a great glow of joy from you.. untill you had met Kyleath"
* Elayna is crying and wipes her eyes on her sleeve *
* Chanlmee wipes the sweat from hir brow and relaxes as Viscious's words are of love and not hate *
* Talynne looks at Viscious from under dark lashes *
* Galadriale hopes her eyeliner isn't leaking *
Viscious: "May the both of you enjoy the rest of your lives together"

At this point, the whole crowd gave out a huge sigh of relief and one could witness how everyone loosened up from their rigid states.

Gilrondaar: "Hear hear!"
Alors: "here, HERE"
* Aramora claps *
Millec: "here here"
* Aramora claps *
* Lensar rubs his beard, perhaps having expected a bit more dramatic of an objection then that. *

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