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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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UOKR Feedback

O he new UOKR female paperdoll has been one of the most discussed art issues amongst the players. Over the past months, she has gone through many changes. But before I go into deeper story behind my attempt at pointing out the issues, let's start out with some concept art they presented at the Columbus, Ohio Townhall.

On the left, is the original EA version and on the right my version. Now do this: Cover my version with your hand and see if you can find anything that bothers you. Now take away your hand, and see if we agreed on any of those issues.

O idn't see anything wrong? Well neither did the majority of the players. In fact they were delighted. Whilst I agree that there have been huge improvements from the first UOKR poopy pant version, I couldn't help but be bothered by a few flaws that immediately caught my eye. Here they are:

  • Hair: EA's version does not suit a Rennaicance theme. Instead what comes to mind, is a modern Miss America, complete with blonde highlights and lots of hairspray. Also, why does it look flattened on the left side?
  • Facial features: Creating an avatar for a MMO is a very delicate process. The face is the most risky part of all. Not only does the player need to identify with their avatar, but they will be staring at that same face for a very long time - so it has to be neutral enough to appeal to the majority of people and lacking any truly defining characteristics, so the player will not get tired of staring at it. For this reason, I felt their choice in slanted eyes, a roman nose and long face shape was bad. In my example, I opted for a more classic, rounded face, features which were deemed as defining "the classic beauty".
  • Bust: The dark shadow and odd shaped bothered me
  • The waist needed some tucking in, and the angle of it also should support her position
  • Her right arm was too thin at the top
  • The big toe looks like an uncut penis: O
  • The color of the blouse looks unnatural, I gave it a creamier tone

    Now, after reading this list, watch the following animation, note the alterations I made and re-evaluate your original reaction:

    O ee the difference now? If you are interested in reading the thread where all of this was discussed, feel free. I must warn you though, it's a long read!

    Read the thread

    O o what led to EA re-doing their female paperdoll? I'll tell you. When UOKR released it's public beta, one of the first issues that caught player's eyes were the new paperdolls. The majority were apalled. Not only had their characters transformed into bow legged pooping monstrosities, but the outfits, hairstyles, skin colors and accessories which players had lovingly put together for their avatars, had become unrecognisable, making everyone feel an immediate detachment from the avatars they had played with for years. Some players were so bothered by the "new and improved" versions that they set up petitions to have them changed.

    Read the thread

    The fact that new face types were being introduced, was of little consolation. The faces looked like they had been lifted from various photographs and sloppily pasted onto an avatar base, as can be seen to the right. All in all, the results were unacceptable from a game company as big as EA.

    Below is a 2d vs UOKR client comparison of my main character Saphireena, wearing the exact same outfit (except for the shoes) and with the same hair color. Hardly recognisable as the same character. The huge size of her breasts immediately changes the way you see her as well. I've always played Saphireena to be a rather innocent, girlish character - but the big heavy boobs completely ruin that idea.

    Beside her, is Zynia's paperdoll - looking chic and mysterious originally, but turning into a skinny limbed granny with hemmoroids on the right.

    Ohe male paperdolls turned out just as badly. Sharing the same constipated look and adorned with gaunt scary faces. Would you want your avatar to look like this? The screenshots of the men below were taken completely randomly from checking the paperdolls of passerbys.

    Ohen I write this, we have not seen or heard any clear information on whether or not they will renew the male paperdoll as well. But whilst we are waiting, I thought it would be fun to see what a matching male could look like aside my fixed female:

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